2011 Healing Testimonies

Cell Phone Miracle – November 29

Earlier today as I was working on calling furture interns for the Burn internship, God spoke to me for one of the people I was calling. The Lord told me that he had something wrong with his foot. When I asked him if he did, he told me that he had a scab on his foot that hurt him every time he moved his foot. After we prayed, there no longer was an irritation on his foot whenever he moved it. The Lord is Good! He showed me that there was something wrong with this guys foot so that He could reveal Himself as Loving and as Healer. Praise God! I’ll contact him later on and update if anything more takes place with his foot. Who knows, the scab may have disappeared altogether? God is Good.

God Heals a Man’s Back – November 29

I went to the emergency room with some friends to pray for people. While we were there we got to pray for a couple of people. I talked with this man and asked him if he had any pain in his back. He told me that he had pain in the upper part of his back. We prayed for him and also for his wife who was being attended by doctors. As we prayed I felt the presence of God and the man cried softly before the Lord. After we finished praying the man informed us that he no longer felt pain in his back! Glory to God!

God Heals 15 year-old Arthritis – December 28

Two Sundays ago I went to play the violin at a church. After the service I stuck around sensing the Lord keeping me from leaving for a greater purpose He had there. Finally I felt to go and speak with an elderly lady and the Lord Jesus told me that she had some pain in her neck in relation to arthritis. I asked her about her neck and if it was connected to arthritis and she informed me that she had pain in her neck and arthritis all over her spinal cord. After we prayed together she moved her neck and said that there was very little pain left, whereas before her neck hurt tremendously whenever she moved it. We prayed once more and all the pain was completely gone even from her spinal cord. Glory To God! She also informed me that she had had that arthritis for 15 years. God is Good!

I do not yet have all of the testimonies of healing that I wrote from 2011 together I will  gather more and put them here!


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