2010 Healing Testimonies

When Nerve Damage Bows it’s knees to Jesus

Another healing took place on the way back from Onething. The group I was returning with stopped at St. Louis because friends from Bosnia were there for a conference called Urbana. Some of our guys saw a man with a cane in the Renaissance Hotel, where our friends were staying. They approached him and asked him why he had a cane and he explained that he had nerve damage on his legs. I arrived just as they were about to begin praying for him and they introduced me to the man and told me they were going to pray for him, and we did. As we asked him what was happening after we prayed for him, he looked kind of surprised and spoke as though he had been healed. I could not understand his diction as he described the sensation he was experiencing on his legs being like Alka-Seltzer, when it is placed in water. Later on he used the word tingling, a term I’m used to and frequently experienced by people that are being healed. He said he did not know how to describe everything that he was feeling but that he felt strength. I emailed him and he responded, here’s part of his response, “Your faithful ministry has had a profound impact on my life, not just in healing me, but in giving me new vision. I will always remember all of you.”

Healing in Downtown

On Tuesday the 19th of January Jon and I were walking in downtown seeking the Lord’s will for this part of our city. In that time we saw lady on a wheel chair with a woman pushing the wheel chair. We ran after them and slowed down when we caught up. We greeted them and then proceeded to explain that we are a part of a ministry that sees healing on a regular basis and asked if they would like for us to pray for healing. The daughter (Beverly) very gladly accepted receiving prayer and let her mom (Jeanette) know what we were going to do. She informed us that the pain was on her hip. After we prayed all the pain had left her hip!! Praise God!!

God Breaks in at the Pool

Jon and I later went to Gold’s gym to swim for a bit. While we were talking in the jacuzzi a man by the name of Rick joined us. Immediately a sign to me that the Lord wanted to minister to him. We talked with him for some time. He let us know that he is a writer and has been working on writing a film for quite some time. Somehow we hit on the subject of healing and he asked us about it. We were able to share a couple of testimonies with him. While I was checking a text he got up to get into the pool. I walked towards him and asked him if he needed healing in his body. After we prayed he went into the pool and as he stepped into the water he commented that he was already feeling significantly better. We praised God and went on to take showers. When I come out of the shower that is in the pool area Jon was waiting for me and Rick came back and told us how great he was feeling, he had just finished swimming 15 laps and said that he had not had that kind of strength in a long time. He said he would email us the testimony. Praise Jesus!

Back Pain Subsides Significantly

Thursday afternoons the 7 Loaves outreach heads out from the Prayer Furnace Missions Base to feed the poor. The 14th of January my friend Joseph and I prayed for a lady that had extreme back pain. She told us then that the pain had decreased from a level 10 to level 6, we praised God and offered more prayer but she did not want more prayer. The next week she was able to walk around, but she still had some pain. We (the 7 Loaves crew) prayed for her and she felt a lot of heat on her back. We asked her if she felt the pain, and she explained that she now felt more like a soreness rather than a piercing pain. We prayed for her again and she said she felt like a cool warmness, like how one would feel after they rub bengay an analgesic on their skin. After that second time she felt even greater relief. Praise Jesus!! We talked with her for a little longer and she admitted that she was still feeling the bengay. Hallelujah!

God Heals over the Phone (in Spanish)

“Aleluya!!Mami dice que se siente muy bien. Es la mejor noticia de ella que he tenido en años. Siempre que hablaba con ella me contaba de sus dolamas y por fin la escuche diciendome que se siente bien que no le duele ni la espalda ni las caderas. Gloria a Dios!!!. Me mando que le diera a Seby muchos besos y bendiciones. Ella lo recuerda mucho.”

Word of Knowledge in the Mall

Tuesday the 26th of January, Jon and I were walking in the mall and we walked past the Rossetta Stone kiosk in Spotsylvania mall. After we passed by Jon commented that he felt that the lady working there could speak French. We turned around and I approached her speaking in French and she responded in French. I explained to hher that Jesus had revealed to Jon that she spoke French and that is why we started talking with her. After talking for some time we asked her if she needed healing in her body and she informed us hat she had pain in her feet. After we prayed for her she told us that as soon as we placed our hands on her shoulders she felt the pain leaving and by the time we asked her how she was doing she had no more pain. Praise God!


2 thoughts on “2010 Healing Testimonies

  1. sebastian,
    you recently preached at our youth camp and told us to check out your website and im glad i did! all these testimonies are opening my eyes to God’s great doings and making me more hungry for the word of God. at the camp, it was the first time i ever praised and sang to God with a full set on heart and no emberrasment of what people would think. also it gave me the courage to get baptized today, i feel great, happy, PRAISE GOD!!!!! please continue your blog!! God bless hope to hear more soon

    • Thank you Betzy for the encouragement! I am praying for you and your brother! Keep running after the Lord and don’t look back, no matter what happens or how disqualified you may ever feel. I’m proud of you! Also the Lord does not change His opinion about you, just keep seeking Him. Blessings!

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