2009 Healing Testimonies

Healings in 2009

Supernatural Healing in Emergency Room

During my internship we were sent to different places to evangelize and pray for the sick. My group was privileged to go to the emergency room that day, it must have been in March or April. There Sharon H. and I sat next to a man with a broken arm. We talked to him and he showed us in x-rays from the night before that his ulna, the longer of the two bones in the forearm, was broken and the broken sides were overlapping. Faith filled me and we prayed for the man. He was healed. The swelling subsided in 5 minutes so that the broken arm was no longer two to three times the size of the other. He also began to effortlessly move and twist his arm, in a way that shocked him as well as shocked Sharon and I. When we saw him 20 minutes later, still sitting at the same spot, he was moving and twisting his arm with a puzzled look on his face. Glory to God!

Blisters Disappear

The same day in the Emergency room Sharon and I prayed for a lady that had blisters all over her back. We prayed for her and she said that she felt a warm blanket come over her. After we prayed for her and asked her to test out her back, she leaned back against her seat to see if there was still any pain. She said that most of the pain was gone, it had been at a 9 on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most severe, and she said “now it is at most a one.” We were glad to hear it, I asked her to check if she still had the blisters. When I asked her how many blisters there had been before we prayed she said that there must have been dozens of them. She felt for them but only felt one was still there and that one had significantly shrunk. Good is Good!

Healing on Thanksgiving Week

One healing as far back as Thanksgiving has been mind boggling, especially for those that think that healing is just a psychological thing; that God doesn’t really care to heal people or doesn’t exist to do so. On the week of Thanksgiving I went down to Florida with my family. My mom’s good friend and her daughter also came with us. One day Mami Wanda (my mom’s friend) complained about having a headache, I offered to pray for her and did so. The headache disappeared!! Praise Jesus! She then proceeded to tell me that she wanted me to pray for the calcification in her breast to be removed. It was a lump half the length of my pinky, or a little shorter as she described it. We spent some time seeking the Lord and I asked God for an atmosphere for miracles. When I felt the release I began to command the lump to be dissolved and taken out. She explained later that she had felt a hand pull it out. Afterward she checked herself in the bathroom, she said it had shrunk to about half the size of my pinkyss finger nail and all the pain was gone, she also commented that it was hard to find it at first. A week later she sent me a text which said “Sebi, I don’t feel it. Praise God!!! ALELUYA!!!!” Praise God! He gave us more reasons to be thankful.


Couple from Ghana
On December 20th Andrew Moberly and myself went out to shovel snow after the big snow storm. Onething was coming up and we wanted some money to help us get there. The snow was really high and even walking was difficult. We arrived at our first house and rung the doorbell, though it seemed no one was home. Sure enough people were home and they were willing to pay for the snow to be removed. While we were shoveling we realized that it was a harder job than we expected and were getting paid pretty low, but we praised God for an opportunity to help and still make some money. When we finished the lady came out to pay us. I asked her where she was from and as I was expecting she told us that she was from Ghana. My best friend is from Ghana so i recognize the accent. Andrew asked her if she had any pain in her body, she said


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