In the past couple of years God has been on the move in my life. I have asked Him for years to use me in healing, to the Glory of His Name. In 2007 I began to see the Lord moving in this way around me and even using me as a vessel in some of the healings I witnessed. Hearing and reading testimonies really gave me more and more faith that God not only could use me, but that He wanted to. In 2009, as I was participating in the Burn Internship, the Lord increased my faith in this area and allowed me to step into it with greater boldness as I witnessed to strangers and prayed for friends. God is alive today and He wants to do on the earth what He did as He walked in Galilee. He died on the cross to redeem us to God and to break the power and the wages of sin. Here I have posted first hand accounts of things that I have witnessed God do to the Glory of His Name.

I want to encourage you to read through many of these testimonies and let them build your faith in a powerful God that is in our midst.

Healing Testimonies 2009

Healing Testimonies 2010

Healing Testimonies 2011

Healing Testimonies 2012

Healing Testimonies 2013



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