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Over the past few years the Lord has opened various doors for me to preach at churches, small groups, youth groups, and to children. It has been an exciting adventure as the Lord moves differently in each group; bringing healing, refreshing and a fresh hunger for His Presence. I praise God for the opportunities that He has opened up and the ones that He will continue to open.

Recently the Lord has been speaking to my heart and through leaders in Virginia that He desires to send me to preach at more places. This has been a desire in my heart and lately God has used various people to relay that same message to me. It has been exciting to have so many confirmations about this and to see how intent the Lord is on getting this message to me. In response to all this I ask for your prayers, that the Lord will continue to lead me and to open doors.

Also if you would like for me to come speak to your church or group you can email or call (703) 774-4979

Below are different messages that I have preached at churches!

Knowing God (Excerpt from before I actually started the message :] )

Overcoming Despair

Pt. 1 Rejoice in the Lord

Pt. 2 Gentle Spirit

Pt. 3 Prayer and Thanksgiving

Pt. 4 Finally brethren… Whatever is pure…

In this message I teach on breaking out of what the world calls natural into Supernatural Living! We were never meant to walk around with shame, fear, depression, addictions, sickness, etc. In this message I share on the freedom that Christ purchased for us on the cross and the power & commission that He gives us to bring the same freedom to others; tearing down the kingdom of darkness! Listen to this message and be encouraged to walk in your identity as an image bearer of God!

This message I preached in Maryland Oct 7. I shared mostly from Isaiah 55 and I ministered at the end of the message with the violin, part of what I played is at the end of the message!

The Gospel With Power! (ATD 2013 Thursday 10AM Break Out Session)

Lay Hold of the Promises!

Contending for the Promises!

Love of the Bridegroom!



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