Healed by a Testimony

photoThis Christmas season I was visiting some friends in Woodbridge Virginia that I had not seen for some some time; some I had not seen for some years! As I shared some stories and testimonies of what the Lord had been doing in my life I shared some testimonies of healing also. One of my friends, Greg, then asked me if I would pray for his shoulder that he had hurt playing football. Before I prayed for him I asked him to check out his shoulder to see what the pain was like. He moved it around and then had surprised look on his face. He kept moving it and moving it for some time but could not find the pain that had been there previously. I did not even get to pray for him and the Lord healed him!!! Glory to God! I am grateful that Jesus came as a man, healed many, preached Good News, Died for our sins! Rose From the Grave! And is seated at the right hand of the Father, still healing Today!!! He is God, He is Good!

I will be working now on a newsletter to debrief this exciting year in ministry! You won’t want to miss it.Come back an read it! :)


The Lord Opens Doors!

Sozo Conference

This past week at the Prayer Furnace we hosted our 4th annual SOZO Conference. We invited leaders who have experienced different expressions of the moving of the Holy Spirit. John and Carol Arnott who teach a lot about the Father Heart of God and carry the Joy of the Lord wherever they go. Don Potter who sings and plays music with excellence and prophetic unction. And Corey Russell who exhorts the church about the urgency of the hour that we are living in and carries the Fire of God with him. These leaders and fathers in the faith came and poured out what the Lord entrusted them with for us and many were blessed. People that had long term health problems and chronic pain were healed as God moved through these vessels. Corey preached on Saturday night and the Lord really ministered to my heart and convicted me through the message, leaving me in tears weeping before the Lord for what seemed to be an hour. I would try to stand up and when I would the Spirit would again descend on me and I would begin to cry as the Holy Spirit moved upon my heart. The Lord was giving me a greater hunger to know Him. It was a powerful conference!

One of my long-time desires has been to have the opportunity to teach one of the workshops at a conference in the Prayer Furnace. I had never really asked anyone if I could but just waited for an invitation. The day before the conference would start, some things had changed in the schedule and David Bradshaw asked me if I could to teach a breakout session. The request caught me by surprise but I immediately accepted the opportunity. I just had to send a title to the session with a brief description about it. And so I did. It was like a kiss from heaven; the Lord opened a door! I knew that the Lord was responding to that desire in my heart; I couldn’t shake the gratitude that I felt, not that I wanted to shake it, but I was continually thanking the Lord! I called that session, “Life in His Presence!”

Finally the day for the breakout session came. Because there was still preaching going over time at a main session and my breakout session would be in another building some distance from the main location of the conference, I expected to be the only one there for the first 15 minutes. I was wrong and had over 8 people there before the session was supposed to start. I was therefore able to start on time. Throughout the session people trickled in so that there were no seats left and people had to sit on the floor. The room I was using normally fits 40 people but we were overcrowding it. The whole experience was a kiss from the Lord and I am so grateful for it! I could feel Him there throughout the class and many were touched by His Presence. God is Good!!!

Here is a link to download the recording from that breakout session – Life in His Presence or you can copy and paste https://www.dropbox.com/s/zxcho08tu1f7psc/Sozo%20Conf.%20-%20Life%20in%20His%20Presence.m4a. You will need to open it with itunes, also for the first 3-4 minutes of the recording I have not started the session yet :)

Learning to Rest (October and November Newsletter!)

The Lord is Good!!! He continues to move mightily and to use me even in my weakness, literally. He is strong and He loves to manifest His strength in us! Glory to God!!! I have learned some important lessons from the Lord this past month and a half. In this newsletter I will be focusing on 3 topics: Ministry, Sabbath, and “Life in His Presence.”


Since this past July the Lord has been moving powerfully and sending me to preach at different churches. He had already been sending me to speak at different churches but this past season has been marked by God’s sending like other seasons of ministry have not been. This has been such an enjoyable experience because preaching and teaching are among my favorite activities. I especially enjoy it when I am unexpectedly asked to teach or preach within a couple of hours or even minutes of the request and I have to completely rely on the Holy Spirit. Over the past 7-8 years I have been actively seeking the Lord and reading His Word. Preaching and teaching are an outlet to what the Lord has been pouring into me. Each time I speak is a new experience and the Lord reveals new things to me. Many times I am refreshed by the revelation and understanding that I receive from the Lord about the Scriptures while I am speaking.

In my excitement and enjoyment of ministry I found that throughout most of the past 4 months I actually was not getting time off to rest and was running from one thing to another all 7 days of the week. Finally the tare and ware of ministry on my body started to catch up to me and I began to loose some of the excitement and sometimes desire just to sit and rest.

Despite my tiredness the Lord continued to move and gave me a significant highlight of the past four months of continual preaching at Bridges of Love’s service. That was a powerful service and I enjoyed every second of it. Two weeks prior I found it hard to express excitement for the service though I knew it was in me. I then began to realize that I was getting worn out. The Lord continued to augment His anointing and I have sensed it more and more. But my body was growing weary. Opportunities to preach outside of the Prayer Furnace stopped after that last service so that I have not known when the next invitation would come. Recently, after I had finished teaching a 2-hour class at the Prayer Furnace, and as I was running to the prayer room because I was late to lead prayer for those next 2 hours I was asked to teach the interns a class. I was given the freedom to teach on whatever I desired but it would be an hour and a half after I was done leading prayer. I of course complied and thought to myself even though I was a little tired, “How can I resist?”

A Day of Rest

In view of everything that I have shared the Lord began to speak to me that I needed a Sabbath. I felt a little bad about taking a Sabbath and did not really know how to do it with my schedule. At the Prayer Furnace we have a lot of activities on Saturdays and sometimes on Sundays. Those are also the days that I get most opportunities to speak at other churches; something the Lord has clearly called me to in this season. Finally I landed on taking Thursdays as a day of rest. I probably will go pray at the prayer room on Thursdays but will not commit to any service activities. I thought one week after I had finally rested well and regained a lot of energy that maybe I didn’t really need a Sabbath. The Lord corrected me and told me still that I need it. I am excited for this dedicated day of rest and it will begin on Thanksgiving! Thank you Jesus for a Sabbath! I was talking to my roommate’s dad recently and he said about a day of rest something like this, “The Lord gives us a day when we can rest and He even blesses it, why not take advantage of it?” I realize that in order for me to continue doing what the Lord has called me to do, a day of rest is not just a good idea but it is essential.

My First Book!!

Lastly I want to share with you that I am moving towards having my first book, “Life in His Presence,” published by the spring of 2013. I began to write the book in April of 2011 and finished writing it April of this year but finally I have a team that is helping me to edit it and get it ready for publishing. I am pretty excited about this and know that it is an assignment from the Lord that will be completed soon! I have also begun working on another book. I’ll share more about that one on a future date!


God is Good and He always leads us in triumph!!! Teaching us, pruning us, growing us, and more! He is a good Leader! Keep me in your prayers; that the Lord would continue to open doors, give me rest, and also for the book that I will be publishing soon! Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter. If you would like to know more about the miracles that happened at the Bridge’s of Love service click, The Fire of God Falls! Prayer requests, comments, questions, encouragements, etc. are always welcome and you can send them to sangulo@theprayerfurnace.org. Blessings!

To the Fame of His Name,

Sebastian Angulo

The Fire of God Falls!!!

The Fire of God Falls!!!

The service this past Saturday night at Bridges of Love International was Amazing!!! The Lord had His way at the end of praise and worship and it was hard to transition to the message so we continued praising and worshipping for a while! That was great! During the worship one of the singers was healed! Her knee popped back so that it was no longer bent at an angle and she was able to straighten her leg. For 19 years she had not been able to straighten her leg after a metal rod was put in it because of a car accident. She couldn’t figure out what was going on with her leg until I began to speak about healing and she realized that God had healed her!!! The message was good! I preached on the Fire of God and the Joy that is in His Presence; that as we lay our lives down at His altar He fills us with Joy and Peace. God has called us to be Holy and full of Joy. Holiness is that is not full of Joy is not real Holiness. I did the altar call a little differently than I have normally done it. I called for healing, salvation, and for response to the message one call after the other like I have done before but this time I waited till everyone was up at the altar before I began to pray for individuals. When I made the third altar call for those who wanted to give Jesus 100% of their lives rather than a percentage of their lives, most of the room responded to the call. Before I even began to pray for individuals God was visibly touching many of them. Some were weeping, others were shaking a little; the Fire of God was Falling! One young man came to me afterward and told me that he had never experienced the Holy Spirit but that night had felt a cold fire all over his body and though he was trying to contain himself could not stop shaking because the Holy Spirit was touching him so strongly! He let me know that his back had been healed of pain from the sciatic nerve and that he was having a hard time walking because of the Presence of God still on him. At that moment the Lord showed me that one of his legs was shorter than the other. I asked him to take a seat, picked up his legs from the floor and compared their lengths. I had a young guy come and confirm that there was a difference in length between the two legs. He informed us that his legs had been out different lengths since he was ten because of a car accident. Though the right leg was shorter I began to command, “Left leg grow and align!” Nothing was happening. Then I realized that I was naming the wrong leg, so I then commanded, “Right leg, grow out, stretch, in Jesus’ Name!” He actually felt his leg stretching! He admitted that when I called the Word of Knowledge for the back, although his friends urged him to respond he did not until I released the Word of Knowledge about the sciatic nerve, he realized then the Lord was specifically calling him. Two other people that I asked had experienced healing in their backs also! One of them was a friend of mine that came with me and he told me that his back had actually been having tightness for some weeks. God is Good!

Showers of Blessing (September Newsletter)

Showers of Blessing

September Newsletter

Where do I start? The Lord is Good! So much has happened over the past month and a half. The Lord has rained down many blessings and opportunities to bring Glory to His Name in different places! In this newsletter I will focus on 3 main topics; Turkey and Traveling, Miracles at my Sister’s Wedding, and The Lord’s Provision!

Traveling and Turkey

One of the Apostle Paul's stops in his journeys!

Earlier in the month of September I was invited to be a part of the team from the Prayer Furnace that would go to Turkey. I accepted the invitation and within 3 weeks all of the funds that I needed to go to Turkey came in. The trip was very strategic to position us as a ministry for future ministry trips to Turkey. Brothers and sisters in the Lord were encouraged and we were able to minister to Muslim people as well. God is Good!!

When I landed back in Virginia from Turkey I continued running in ministry. That Friday I taught a class in the morning and the Holy Spirit showed Himself powerfully! The following Sunday I went to minister with the violin at a church in Brandywine, Maryland and the Lord provided the opportunity for me to preach. It was a blessed time. While I played the violin a lady’s shoulder was healed and at the end of the service I prayed for a lady’s ears. She began to experience heat on her head, then her ears, and then her ears began popping. It was awesome to see God moving as clearly as He was in that moment.

My Sister’s Wedding

I landed in the States from Turkey on October 3rdand had 9 days to practice and clean up the music I would be playing for the ceremony at my sister’s wedding. I had been practicing the music for a month or two but now I had to have it right. Praise the Lord I got it all; although I did not play it flawlessly at my sister’s wedding it turned out good!

The Lord did some fun things at the rehearsal dinner and the actual wedding. I prayed for one of my mom’s friends who has been a real support and encouragement to me in the things of the Lord. She had what she described to be like a wart in the bottom of her foot that had grown inwardly inside the skin. It caused her great pain and her leg would sometimes throb because of the pain. I have prayed for her on many occasions and the Lord has healed her. For this situation she considered going to the hospital because it was so unbearable but remembered I would be at the wedding and decided we should pray first and let God be glorified. As we did pray she reacted to something that she felt and later explained to me that she had felt the wart-like thing be punctured. In the moment of it being punctured she felt a lot of pain but the pain stopped significantly. So I asked her to see if she had pain when she put pressure on it. She put pressure on the foot and immediately was shocked and rejoiced because all of the pain was completely gone!!!! Glory to God! We laughed with joy and she cried a little. The next day, the day of the wedding, she informed me that she had walked freely the day before without any pain but was in pain again though it was still significantly less pain than it had been before we prayed the day before. So we prayed again and immediately all of the pain was gone!!! Again we rejoiced and gave glory to God! That night I also prayed for several people that experienced the power of God at the reception! God is Good! When I finally returned to Fredericksburg, I went to lead our Prayer Furnace family outreach. We prayed for the director of the children’s ministry at the Prayer Furnace before we left to do the outreach and witnessed her leg growing or moving to its right place before our eyes! It was amazing and her back felt so much better after that miracle!!!

Showers of Blessing

Finally I want to give glory to God for His wonderful provision in my life. Before I left for Turkey I had begun preparing to buy a better computer in which I could record music and more. I also wanted to get an iPhone to use the camera and recording capabilities to help me document testimonies and experiences in the Lord. When the trip became an option for me, I feared that I would have to use the little money I had for the trip’s expenses. But the Lord supplied abundantly for the trip, and the week before I left provided finances not connected with the funds coming in for the Turkey trip that gave me the first chunk I needed for these things. When I returned from Turkey the Lord also provided some more money that I was not expecting, at least not the size in which came! Now I have been able to purchase the new laptop, a good microphone for recording and the iPhone is still a work in progress! Just trying to figure out the whole family plan thing so I’m not paying more than $60 a month for a phone :) I love that the Lord showed Himself Faithful to me in this area, when I thought that I would not be able to get what I needed so that I could go minister in Turkey the Lord poured out blessings! He is Good!


The Lord is Faithful! And the past month has been an adventure! This Saturday, the 20th of October I will be preaching at Frontline, a service held by Bridges of Love to encourage young people to serve Jesus in the nations!!! If you get this in time pray that the Lord will move mightily and mark many with His Purposes! Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter. I hope you were blessed and encouraged by it. On my website I will post some of the message that I spoke the 7th of October, so if you get this newsletter via email it will be on the link (Showers of Blessing) in my website at www.sebastianangulo.com.

Feel free to forward this newsletter to a friend if you would like. Feel free to email me at sangulo@theprayerfurnace.org, prayer requests, comments, encouragements, etc. are always welcome! Blessings!

To the Fame of His Name,

Sebastian Angulo

Turkey!!! Video Update

Here is a quick video update of the trip to Turkey! The Lord did many things on this trip. He refreshed workers for Jesus in the nation, ministered to the hearts of Turkish believers, and touched the lives of unbelievers! Some of the encounters that I personally had with Jesus were among the most powerful I have ever had. One of those experiences took place on the 26th of September. That date is already very significant for me but it also was Yom Kippur; the Day of Atonement in the Jewish calendar! I won’t go into details about this particular encounter but will say that this was a significant trip in my life.

Well… Here is the video!

To clarify about the word of knowledge that I mention in the video, when I prayed for the lady with the hip pain the next day she did not have pain at that moment, maybe the pain would come and go, or maybe it just wasn’t there anymore. We could not tell a difference because there was no pain or discomfort when we started praying that next day. Another cool thing that happened the last day of the trip that I did not mention on the video is that the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for a young woman about her headache (not the same headache I mentioned was healed in the video). She was surprised and was healed after we prayed for her!

August Newsletter!!! (Announcing Trip to Turkey!!)

Yet another wonderful month because of the workings of the Lord! The month of August has been a very exciting month as the Lord has been launching me into many different places for ministry! As I mentioned in the previous newsletter which covered the first part of this month; the 4th of August I ministered to a group in Maryland with the violin and had the opportunity to preach the Gospel. The next I also had the opportunity to share and preach some at a church I love in Washington DC called Abundant Love Christian Fellowship. That Sunday at ALCF a couple of people were healed, it was great! Afterward as I spoke with some leaders there we decided to do an outreach at Oglethorpe St. the next week, I was able to preach the Gospel through a microphone to many in the community who were listening, 2 were saved and many of those we ministered to were healed physically and were able to share their healing testimony through the microphone with those from the community who were listening!!! The Lord also led me to go to California in the end of August! Though we were not able to find housing or transportation before the trip, my friend Kenny and I believed the Lord for provision in the trip because He had called us to go. He provided more than enough providing housing, transportation, connecting me with key people for future ministry, and He even gave me the opportunity to play the violin at the Call Aviva; a 12 hour-long prayer meeting that was broadcast live on television throughout many nations in the world! A friend of mine in Italy posted this picture (left) on my Facebook! I have put the stories and testimonies of many of these events on my website, www.SebastianAngulo.com. I’d encourage you to check them out if you have time!

These were all exciting experiences and the Lord moved powerfully in them all. Many were physically healed and many were saved! Now in September there is yet another opportunity that the Lord has opened up for me!! I will be going to Turkey really soon actually; from September 23rd – October 3rd. The purpose of this trip will be for the first week to minister to leaders in Turkey and to make connections for future trips. The second week we will be ministering in a more conservative Muslim city in Turkey to some fellow laborers and their community of new believers composed primarily of people who are deaf. We, a team of 4 leaders from the Prayer Furnace (of which I am the youngest), are believing God for miraculous healings in that community to the Glory of the Name of Jesus! This is a wonderful opportunity and I need the prayers and financial help of friends and family. This trip costs around $1300 and I still need of about $1000. This is not impossible with God and I know that He will provide! Will you partner with me financially in taking the Truth of God’s Word and the Comfort of His Spirit to the saved and the unsaved in Turkey? You can make checks payable to FPF (Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace) for a tax deduction Memo: “Turkey Sebas” or make checks to my name, Sebastian Angulo, if you rather. Send checks to 6504 Deerskin Dr. Fredericksburg, VA 22407.

Please email me at sangulo@theprayerfurnace.org if you would like to give so that I can keep track of how much money is coming in for the trip. I ask for your prayers that the Lord Jesus would be glorified in Turkey, that the team would have clarity and peace before, during and after the trip, and that many would be touched and healed by the Power of God! Comments, encouragements, questions, etc. are always welcome, simply reply to this email! Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter!

To the Fame of His Name,

Sebastian Angulo

Pt. 3 My Last Day in California!

The faith journey to California was coming to a close and still the Lord had some divine appointments! After a great night sleep, Monday morning, Conrado took me to meet with Pastor Netz after his daily 6-8am prayer set at the house of prayer. Pastor Netz and I went to eat some breakfast. Ladies from his church that had been at his 6-8am prayer set were getting breakfast at the same restaurant and decided to pay for our meal also! As we talked over breakfast Pastor Netz and I connected real well. Afterward we went to his house and I spoke with his wife also and a pastor from Florida. Being at their house of prayer I knew that they are called to have 24/7 prayer and I had a burden for them to have full-time staff. At the pastor’s house I saw that the house number was 20407, immediately I felt that was a confirmation of what I sensed to be God’s calling for them. If you remove the zero’s it is 24/7. Pastor Netz invited me to spend more time with them but I had already committed to spend time with the worship team at a BBQ. I felt that it was important for me to connect with young adults from the church also so I found a ride to pick me up from a Starbucks close to the pastor’s house. Because my ride, Steve, had a breakfast planned with his dad he dropped me off at another Starbucks close to where he was going and there I would check my email and Facebook. At the Starbucks many youth surrounded the outside area where I was with their bikes as they talked and waited for a big bike race, or something like that, to start. I asked one youth if he had pain in his feet and was able to pray for his feet after he confirmed that he would get pain there. He actually felt tingling in his feet after the prayer. I asked another young guy what his name was and if he had pain in his shoulder. His name was Solomon and I also was able to pray for him. He felt something he could not describe and after I asked him if he knew Jesus loved him he replied, “Now I do.” That was a powerful encounter. Finally I asked one last youth his name and if he had pain in his upper back. His name was Carlos and he told me that he had pain between his shoulder blades. After I prayed for his upper back all of the pain was gone and he had a look of shock on his face. He said, “This is eye-opening, all the pain is gone, I feel like my whole world has brightened up!” I asked him if he knew Jesus and went to church. To both questions he responded “No.” I asked him if he wanted to give his life to Jesus. To this invitation he immediately said “Yes.” He repeated in prayer with me giving his life to Jesus!!! I got his email address and will hopefully get a response from him! Steve picked me up from the Starbucks and we made our way to the BBQ.

On the way I asked Steve if he would be willing to give me a ride to the airport and he responded, “I would love to.” Though I was not concerned know that God would provide a ride to the airport it was good to know who would be taking me since I had to make my way down to the airport a couple of hours from then. At the BBQ I enjoyed great fellowship with the worship team and others from that church that were at the BBQ. Steve gave me a ride to the airport after the BBQ and I flew at 10pm to Washington DC and landed in DC at 5am. That morning I slept on a memory foam bed at my parents house and was strengthened for the rest of the day J. God is Good! If you have read this far…that was my trip… Praise the Lord!


Pt. 2 My Trip to California!

Friday morning the Lord said to me, “Take your stuff, you will not be staying here again.” I was caught off guard by this command from the Lord but did not have time to argue and figure out if that was really Him, so I quickly grabbed all of my stuff. That day I went to a sound check for the Call and that night to a meeting for the worship teams after which I would attend a worship service. At the meeting I reconnected with an acquaintance, Joshua, whom I knew from a tour that took place in the summer of 2007; it was called “God’s Summer of Love Tour.” Over 250 people, mostly young adults participated on this tour that went around the US worshipping and praying in various cities. I thought about the possibility of staying with him that night but did not ask him thinking that it might just be me trying to find a place. I thought to myself ‘the Lord will provide I should not try to make it happen.’ At the meeting I had also wanted to connect with a house of prayer leader from Mexico but was unable to immediately. I went to the worship service after that meeting. During the time of worship I was at the front dancing, jumping and rejoicing in the goodness of Jesus. At one point everyone was asked to return to their seats. When I returned to my seat the Lord had set up a divine appointment. Benjamin, the house of prayer leader from Mexico I had wanted to connect with, was sitting in the seat next to mine. We were then able to connect and talk a little bit. After the worship service I thought again to ask Joshua if I could stay at his house. I did not and instead went out of the sanctuary and was speaking to some friends. I told them of my situation, how the Lord had told me to take my stuff with me that morning to stay somewhere else. I told them that it would be great if somebody came up and told us that they lived near to the church the Call Aviva would be held at. Shortly after I said that Joshua came and started talking with us, he mentioned that in the morning he and his wife would walk to the Call because it was walking distance from their home. As he said this I looked at the friend I had been talking to who was also looking back at me in amazement. That night I ended up staying with Joshua! J The next morning, Saturday the day of the Call Aviva, I walked to the Call.

The Call Aviva was Amazing! I played the violin and worshipped the Lord. After the long day, that night I stayed with a newfound friend Johnny who had played the drums at the Call Aviva. We went to the church that organized Aviva early in the morning to play music during the first worship service, I was asked to play the violin and I gladly accepted. After worship Benjamin, the house of prayer leader from Mexico I mentioned earlier, was preaching. His message was so powerful. He was teaching on meekness. Though his words were gentle they were cutting my heart. I had to go with Johnny because we would be leading worship at his parents’ church and I left Benjamin’s message early but my heart had been struck by God’s word. I shared a little with Johnny who had not been in there for the message since he had to eat breakfast quickly. After I shared with Johnny I began to cry before the Lord. It was a powerful experience. After leading worship at Johnny’s church we returned to Houses of Light for their third service and though we arrived around 7 minutes late the worship leader motioned for us to come on stage and join them, so I took my violin and joined in. Cindy Jacobs preached that morning and she prophesied over Pastor Netz and his wife, his church, and many individuals. It was great! I wanted to connect with the pastor but many were speaking to him after the service, but as I was finally leaving we got to talk and decided to meet the next day and have breakfast together. From there that Sunday, Conrado and Elvia took me out to eat and then picked up some friends from Fredericksburg, Christina and Mikaela, who had also attended the Call Aviva, and we all went to the beach. When we got out of the car we realized it was a little chili and the sun had just set. Because of that I did not put my swimming trunks on and we all walked across the sand to the water. The water was actually nice and the girls jumped in. I didn’t have my swim trunks and was not going to jump in. Elvia encouraged me that I should simply jump in with my jeans; that I did. I jumped around and laughed in the water as though I was a little kid! We later changed into dry clothes, dropped the girls of at their hotels and I slept my last night in California. I stayed at Conrado and Elvia’s guest room on the most comfortable bed of the whole trip and had the fullest sleep of the whole trip. God is Good! There is yet another day left in my trip of which I will post on the last part of the story telling about my meeting with Pastor Netz, the youth who were healed at Starbucks, and how I got to the airport…To be continued…

My Trip to California!

Traveling by faith can be a very exciting adventure! It was for me last week when I flew with my friend Kenny from Washington DC to Los Angeles not knowing who would pick us up or where we would be staying that night. I had peace knowing that God was going to provide all of these things. I flew out there for a little less than a week primarily to attend the Call Aviva. It is a 12-hour-long prayer meeting where a couple thousand people would gather to pray. This event was aired live on GodTV, a big Christian TV network that reaches many nations. When we landed in LA we traveled to Pasadena via metro for only $5. The trip did take a couple of hours across LA from LAX Metro Station to Lake Station in Pasadena.














On the way we were able to pray for three people who received healing in their bodies! One lady was healed of spinal bifida. She was able to pick up my heavy violin case without any pain, something she would not have been able to do before. God is Good! When we got to Pasadena we went to the Pasadena International House of Prayer. In Pasadena I sent a friend a text asking him if he was in LA hoping he would be able to help me find housing. He replied telling me that he was not in LA and asking if I had talked with a guy named Chris. I asked him who Chris was and he responded that Chris was the person who was supposed to help find me housing. It was a surprise to hear that someone that I did not even know was going to help me find a place to stay that night and for my time in California. What a blessing! I was given Chris’ phone number and when I called him he suggested I meet him at a church in North Ridge, Houses of Light, he would be preaching at that same night. After speaking with Chris over the phone a lady came out of the prayer room and I asked her how far North Ridge was from Pasadena. She looked it up in her phone and told us it was about an hour away, she then offered to take us there though it was out of her way! When we arrived I met with Chris and we stayed with him at his friend Brian’s apartment. Brian was one of the people helping to organize the Call. He pulled out his guitar and began playing it so I also played my violin with him. The next day, Thursday, we went to the house of prayer in North Ridge which was located next to and was a part of the church, Houses of Light. Kenny and I were there most of the day and did not know how we would get to a Pre-Call rally that would be taking place that night. I asked Chris via text if he would be able to give us a ride there but he had certain things to do before going to the rally and would not be able to give us a ride. There was a couple leading prayer in the prayer room whom I knew would give us a ride. After they finished their prayer set I met them, Conrado and Elvia, and they gave us a ride and attended the Pre-Call rally also! Brian and Chris were surprised that we were able to find a ride there. That night we had dinner with Lou and a group of young people that were working with him for the Call Aviva. That night we stayed with Chris again and in the morning, Friday, Chris told me to give Brian a call on the phone and I called him. Brian had spoken with the pastor of Houses of Light, Pastor Netz, and told him about my violin. Pastor Netz leads Aviva the ministry that was partnering with the Call. They wanted me to play with their worship team at the Call! That was an exciting opportunity which at the moment did not really surprise me; somehow it was as though I had been expecting it. Then we got ready to go, we had cleaned the house that morning and as we were about to walk out of the door to go to Pasadena the Lord said to me, “Take your stuff, you will not be staying here again” …To be continued…

Miracles at Oglethorpe Street



God moves in unusual ways. The 12th of August I visited a church in Washington DC and was able to share some of the things that the Lord has been doing in my life as well as some words from the Lord. I wrote about this in an earlier post. That Sunday after the service I spoke with the pastors of the church and some of their members about their desire to do something for children at a neighborhood and their inability to do so because of lack of staff. We decided within minutes to do a children’s outreach at Oglethorpe St in Washington DC the next week and I signed up to help. With our last minute planning we had 3 ministries working together (Abundant Love Christian Fellowship and Bridges of Love) and the Lord brought the people.

We begin by jamming with the violin, cello, guitar and congas! The music was being amplified and many came to listen. Neighbors sat outside of their homes to listen and remained outside even when the Gospel was preached! We played musical chairs and limbo with the kids and gave them lots of prizes! Some testimonies were shared and a story that some of the children acted out. Afterward I preached the Gospel as best I could with all the distractions and trying to get some specific people’s attention J Two little girls gave their lives to Jesus! And before the outreach was over a man rededicated his life to the Lord! After I had preached the Gospel I shared a few testimonies of healing that I have witnessed, gave some words of knowledge about where some people needed healing and invited others up as well. Five people initially responded and all of them were completely healed within minutes! Arthritis was healed, a lady’s knee that had been swollen stopped being swollen and stopped hurting completely, back pains were healed and a man’s arm! Glory to God! Others came up and they were also touched by God! One of the neighbors that had been sitting outside her home asked us to come over to pray for her foot. After we prayed a lot of the swelling went down and she was able to wiggle her toes! I then spoke to her mom that God wanted to use her hands. She stopped me to tell me that she plays the tambourine every Sunday at church but because her wrist had started hurting she was wondering if she should stop. After we prayed for her wrist, she was shocked and had tears of joy because all the pain was gone! God is Good!

He Does not Cease to Surprise me!

Preaching at churches I have not been formally invited to preach at has become a normal occurrence the last number of weekends. Either on my way to the church or during worship the Lord will speak to my heart and give me a message for the church I visit that Sunday, or He will simply let me know that I will be speaking. Each time He does this the microphone ends up in my hands and I find myself preaching! On my way to visit a church that I really love in Washington DC today, the Lord let me know that I would be speaking though I did not know the message yet. Though I arrived late at the church the pastors asked me to share something with the church. The Lord laid on me a message about holding on to God’s promises, which He Himself has not let go of. It was a message of Hope from the Lord’s heart. God is Good! During the service various people were healed who stood up to receive ministry for healing. A lady’s back and knee were healed and another lady’s shoulder. God is Powerful!!! Since I am writing testimonies of healing, I’ll mention 2 that happened this past Friday. At the Prayer Furnace we had a conference for teens this past weekend and God moved powerfully the whole time. On Friday night as we prayed for the sick I prayed for a girl who had scoliosis, she felt burning in her back and the pain that had been previously there left! Her friend next to her had pain in her knees and she also felt burning as we prayed and all the pain was gone! Praise the Lord!!!

These are some of the surprises the Lord has blessed me with in the past three days