Violin Ministry In Washington DC!

This past Sunday morning I shared from John chapter 10 verse 10. As my dad was getting into the car to head to DC with me Sunday morning he asked, “What time is it? My watch says 10:10 AM.” The actual time was 9:30 AM but my dad’s watch had a dead battery and was stuck on 10:10 AM. I knew in that moment that God was speaking to me about John 10:10! I sensed that the Father was asking us “What time is it?” And He was giving us the response, “It’s John 10:10.” The enemy has stolen, killed, and destroyed all over the earth and even in our lives and families. But the Son of God, Jesus, has come that we may have life and have it abundantly! It’s time to see the salvation of the Lord! It’s time to see the ministry of Jesus at work in our lives that destroys the works of the evil one! Jesus is still at work today, and will work through His people, the church, to destroy the works of darkness. Sickness, death, depression and fear, broken families and hunger, these are all works of darkness and it’s John 10:10 time! Let’s believe God’s Word and take a hold of His promises.

Let’s pray this prayer to the Lord: “Father, I thank You that You work all things for the good of those who love You! I declare that it is time for the works of the evil one against me, my family, and my community to be destroyed by the power of the Blood of Jesus! I declare healing over my body and over my family in Jesus! Name!”

I praise God for what He is going to do in your life! “Jesus, I thank you for the breakthrough! I ask that you will continue to make Your name great in our lives and in the nations of the earth!”




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