From Puerto Rico, to Ethiopia, to Israel and Back!

What an amazing summer so far and how exciting it is to serve the Lord Jesus Christ! This summer I have had the opportunity to minister to and interact with people in several different continents and that spoke several different languages. I had the opportunity to speak and listen to Spanish, Amharic (language in Ethiopia), Turkish, Hebrew, Arabic (also to read Arabic), and French. I love languages so that was a highlight of my trips!! I will share briefly about each trip to give an update of this summer!
Puerto Rico!
I was blessed again 20150607_112434to visit Puerto Rico in June this summer to minister at a worship retreat as well as to able to see and minister to my family! At the retreat the Lord did many wonderful things and I had the opportunity to learn a dance choreography that I participated in at the church on Sunday morning. Part of my role at the retreat included teaching several workshops, playing the violin, and leading in prayer & worship at times. I had a main session during the retreat where I had the opportunity to share a message with everyone at the retreat based on the theme of the retreat – “Jesus be the Center!” After briefly sharing what the Lord had put on my heart, that we are to live in secret for His eyes to see (Matthew 6:4,6,18), I felt that the Lord wanted to release healing. After praying over those gathered at the retreat in general for healing several people testified of what the Lord did. One lady shared that while I prayed on the microphone for healing she felt someone blow into her ear, she opened her eyes and looked to see who was doing that thinking they were doing a prank but saw no one there. She realized then that the pain that she had from an ear infection was completely gone!!! Another lady testified that she had been healed of a migraine headache in a moment! A young 20150606_125024woman shared that the Lord had healed her knee which had been in pain so that she could not bend it. After being healed by the Lord she was able to bend her knee completely without any pain!!! These and many others had been healed without anyone specifically praying for them. God is Good! I also had the opportunity to minister to a youth group on 2 different occasions while I was in PR. One of those times, as I taught about the gifts of the Holy Spirit, I shared a word of knowledge that God wanted to heal someones shoulder area. Of the 12 or so youth there not one signaled to me that it was them that had the shoulder pain, but as I prayed for all the youth afterward the one who had the pain was healed. He shared at the end that while I prayed for him the pain on his shoulder area went away!!! The way that God moved and healed on that trip at the retreat was refreshing to me, I feel so blessed to have been there to witness the power of God and to be strengthened in my faith!
You can read in some of my previous updates and posts the story of how God initiated my trips and connection in Ethiopia. Last year for the first time I went to Ethiopia and this year I went for the second time. I was blessed to go with a good friend and partner in the ministry, Ronnette Cooper. 2015-07-05 12.40.28Ronnette has been a leader at the Prayer Furnace and in the Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace community from before the launch of the House of Prayer in 2009. In Ethiopia we partnered with another friend of mine, Pastor Abel Araya, and an amazing group of leaders from his youth group. I had several opportunities to preach and to minister at different churches, at an orphanage, and in public places in Ethiopia. One of my most significant encounter’s while in Ethiopia happened on the third day I was there as I would be preaching and ministering at a church. The night before I woke up at 2am and could not fall back asleep for 3 hours because of jet lag. At one point I felt my wrist crack and pop violently. After a second I knew that it was not my own wrist but something in the spirit that I felt physically. I figured it must be a word of knowledge for the service that morning and proceeded to gather more details about the word. This is what I wrote so that I would not forget and also as evidence: “Left wrist pops. Lady in left side sitting on center isle towards the back.” I had never been to that church before and most churches I had been in in Ethiopia were different from one another. But I knew that the church had two sections of seats and that this lady would be sitting on the section to my left along the center isle. After I preached Ronnette shared and when she finished the message, the pastor of the church gave me the opportunity to share the word I had received. In the left section, on the back along the center isle were the ends of 5-7 rows of chairs, so that really only a 5-7 spots would qualify with the word I had received. I felt a bit of a risk in giving the word because if no one responded it could jeopardize the rest of our ministry time. I would not be a 100% sure that I had the word accurate until I said and saw the results. But I took the ri2015-07-05 15.27.41sk and sure enough among those last 7 or so rows along the center isle was sitting a lady who fit the description and responded to receive healing for her left wrist. After praying for her, she received a partial manifestation of healing in that moment and we prayed for many others who were instantly healed of diverse ailments! I was so glad that the word was right on and it is one of the more detailed and accurate words that I have received and given in front of so many. Praise the Lord! I know He will do greater things than this!!!
2015-07-10 09.14.20The time in Israel was a great blessing. A team from the Prayer Furnace was there already when Ronnette and I arrived. We had the opportunity to minister to both Jewish and Arab believers! It was amazing to see believers from those backgrounds gathering together to worship Jesus! There were several locations that we went to where Jesus may have walked and where significant events will take place in the future. One highlight of the trip was getting to play the violin in the tomb at the Garden Tomb. Some believe this tomb to be the one where Jesus was buried. Whether it is or not the garden has a very peaceful atmosphere and it is a good picture of what it would have been like! We also went to Jerusalem and prayed at the Western (Wailing) Wall. We stumbled upon King David’s tomb as we were on our way to visit a place traditionally believed to be the Upper Room where the disciples would gather and where Jesus ate the Passover meal (Last Supper) with His disciples. Got2015-07-10 19.46.49 to experience the Dead Sea and found out that Sodom and Gomorrah bordered the Dead Sea. I found it interesting that Lot’s wife was turned into a pillar of salt when she looked back disobediently on the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. I wonder if the material used to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah has affected the content of the Dead Sea? I was blessed again to be in a boat on the Sea of Galilee and for the first time I got to visit Jesus’ hometown – Nazareth!!! In Nazareth we met with local Arab believers and had a wonderful time of worship and ministry! There have been some threats on Arab believers by some Muslims in Israel because of their faith in Jesus. Let’s pray for 2015-07-13 14.36.36God’s protection over these precious believers and for God to give them strength for the coming days, that they would shine in dark places and that their persecutors will encounter Jesus! Father, Look on their threats and grant to Your servants boldness to preach Your word as You stretch out Your hand to heal and signs and wonders are performed through the Name of Your Holy Servant Jesus! In Jesus Name!
Back in the US!
I want to also briefly share some victories back home to the Glory of God!!! I had the opportunity to teach on prophecy at a training in Dumfries, VA with a ministry called, Crisis Response International. They train believers to respond in times of crisis and to minister to those affected by natural disasters, wars, and more. They have already sent several teams to minister in Nepal and Iraq in the past year. At the training I taught 5 groups that rotated, each group for about 45 minutes with a 15 minute break between each group. Healing broke out among 2-3 of the groups! Once as I taught about the manifestation of the word of knowledge (1 Cor. 12:7), I received a word of knowledge that someone in the group of about 20 or so needed healing in their left ear. A lady responded to the word of knowledge and I asked a young man (about 15 years old) to pray for her. She could only hear 25% from her left ear. After praying several times the lady’s hearing improved to over 60%. Later that day the lady came to me and shared that her hearing ability in her left ear was up to 90%!!! God is Good!
Thank you for taking the time to read this update! I hope you were blessed by it!!!

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