Summer Trips & Ethiopia this Fall!!! (July-August 2014 Newsletter)

“I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth. My soul shall make its boast in the Lord; The humble shall hear of it and be glad. Oh, magnify the Lord with me, And let us exalt His name together.”

             – Psalm 34:1-3

The past two months have been a wonderful adventure and the Lord has been adding to the excitement! Towards the end of July I went to minister at a youth retreat in Puerto Rico. I flew back and immediately jumped right into the Marked Teen Intensive, another youth retreat type of event. It was Intense! ;) I also travelled to some different churches after the Marked Teen Conference. And am now preparing to go to Ethiopia this fall on another ministry trip. In this newsletter I will share about: Youth Retreat in Puerto Rico, Marked Teen Intensive & the Trip that Followed, and finally, Ethiopia!!!

Good time at the river after the retreat in Puerto Rico!

Youth Retreat in Puerto Rico!
Earlier this summer, in June, while I was ministering in Puerto Rico the Lord put it in my heart that I would be returning shortly. I did not know when exactly but was then invited to minister at the youth retreat that church was putting together a month and a half later. Throughout the retreat the Lord did many wonderful things. One young person in her early 20’s gave her life to Jesus. It was an awesome event to witness, souls coming to Christ are always an amazing event! I had the priviledge to share with the youth one night and the Lord did mighty things! During that time about 15 different youth and adults that were there experienced physical healing in their bodies! For the actual altar call following the message all 120 youth responded and came forward! Many of them shared with me that they experienced the presence of God that night as they had not for months and years. One young boy, fell under the power of the Holy Spirit and went into a trance-like vision. He saw heaven and then later saw hell. Hearing him describe his experience and how it had impacted him was awesome. I could see that he was sincere about his experience. The Lord did amazing things and I know that the impact from that retreat is still bearing fruit.
In this picture, to my right is the young boy that saw in a vision heaven and also hell.

In this picture, to my right is the young boy that saw in a vision heaven and also hell.

Marked Teen Intensive, Conference, and Trip
The Lord loves youth! He loves every age group really :) I came back from the retreat in Puerto Rico to dive into the Marked Teen Intensive. During our Tuesday Night Healing Service at the Prayer Furnace 50+ youth, some leaders, and regular attenders, all packed into the prayer room. I don’t think anyone expected what took place that evening! The Holy Spirit began to move and many were being healed, some of several health problems and pains were all healed at the same time. By the time we finished praying for everyone that needed healing some 23 and probably more people had experienced healing in their bodies! That night there was a sweet sense of the presence of God in the room and 2 teenage girls gave their lives to the Lord! 18 young people rededicated their lives to Jesus!
During the Marked Teen Conference that followed the Intensive I was blessed to teach during a main session about healing. There was a young man attending that had a brace on his arm. After teaching mostly youth about healing I asked the young man to come forward for us to pray for him. He had just had that brace put on the day prior because some time back he had messed up his ECU tendon while playing basketball when he fell and hit his wrist on the floor. After we all prayed for him he took the brace of to check his arm out and the excruciating pain that he would feel when he touched the area around that tendon was gone!!! Praise the Lord!
After the conference I travelled with a team of about 9 people ranging from, 7 to over 40 years of age, ministering ministering in 2 different churches in Virginia and a college campus. When we were ministering at the church in Richmond, I began to share testimonies of God’s healing power! As I did faith began to stir in the room, until finally a lady raised her hand to share that her foot had just been supernaturally healed as the testimonies were being proclaimed. After hearing that present-moment testimony we began to pray for healing and many that night experienced healing in their bodies! A lady that I had prayed for several times in the past 2 years experienced the manifestation of healing that night. Many people had been praying for her for years and I found out that already there had been some breakthroughs! That night she was able to fully twist her torso for the first time 10 years, and without pain! Praise God!!!
To view some youtube videos of testimonies from individuals that I mentioned who were healed click on this link:
Trip to Ethiopia!!!
Well that trip that led us to minister in Richmond the Lord also used it to began to unfold a part of His plan for me this fall. A friend of mine who is Ethiopian traveled with us on that part of the trip and as I talked with him and got to know him more a desire to go to Ethiopia filled me! I expressed to him and to those with us on that trip several times my desire to go to Ethiopia! I have known for years that Ethiopia is one of those countries that the Lord has for me to go to and minister but had never felt the immediate desire to go as I did then. The day after our trip ended a friend of mine who is also Ethiopian sent me a text message asking if I would be available to talk on the phone that evening. Because I was scheduled to preach at the Burn Service we spoke that night after the service. I shared with him many of the testimonies that I have shared here and wanted to share with him also my desire to go to Ethiopia but did not. I decided to give him a chance to talk since he was the one that initiated the phone call. So he said to me, “Well, the reason I wanted to talk with you is because I am going on a ministry trip to Ethiopia and would like for you to come also.” He did not have to say any more, I was convinced! I did pray about it and felt the Lord leading me to go to Ethiopia this fall! We will be part of a team that will be ministering at a large conference/crusade that will be taking place Oct. 10-12 in Ethiopia. About 10,000 people are expected to attend, mostly young adults. I praise God for this wonderful opportunity that He has opened up!
Please keep me and the team in prayer, and prayerfully consider giving financially to partner with me in this endeavor that Christ has invited me to partner with Him in.
Here are ways that you can partner financially:

For a tax-deductible donation:

1. Make checks payable to “FPF” (Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace) and send it to:

6102 Rising Sun Rd. Fredericksburg, VA, 22407

2. One-time gift by credit card or bank account, make sure to write Sebastian – Ethiopia on the memo line. Click on the link below (


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3. Also, find out more about the trip at

4. Feel free to ask me any questions:
Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter and to rejoice with me in what the Lord is doing! Let us exalt His name together! If you need prayer for anything or have any testimonies or comments that you would like to share with me, please feel free to contact me at I will tell you all about Ethiopia when I have gone and returned!
To the Fame of His Name!
Sebastian Angulo

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