Quick Update! Many Manifestations of Healing Recently!!!

It feels like it has been a long time since I last updated. So much has taken place in the past few weeks!!! I was in Puerto Rico where many were touched by the Love and Power of God! About 15 people experienced healing in their bodies after receiving prayer and many amazing things happened that I hope to expound in greater detail in an upcoming update. Last week, after landing in Virginia having returned from Puerto Rico, I jumped in to the Marked Teen Intensive and Conference here at the Prayer Furnace. Many more were healed, we have estimated at least 40 different individuals received healing, based on the 21+ that testified one night and 11+ another time and an unknown number another service of which I personally know of 2. I am confident that there were more since I was late to that service and did not get to hear previous testimonies! Anyways, enjoy the video below that expounds on one of the testimonies!!!


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