Puerto Rico Summer 2014 Update

The second part of the trip in Puerto Rico was very powerful! I had a great time with my family in Corozal and went to a beach in the northwest corner of the island. Azaryah and I had some good times of prayer during that time and returned to the church in Rio Grande 3 days later to film interviews of Azaryah and I that they would air on their TV program, as well as film us playing music together. This was an awesome opportunity that the Lord gave us and an awesome thing about it is that the Lord had told me about it before we went down to Puerto Rico. I had the opportunity to share several testimonies of the Power of God to encourage viewers and give Glory to God! He alone is Worthy of Praise! P12407102014-06-04 14.52.52

The same night after we had filmed for the TV program I had the opportunity to preach at the church’s youth meeting. It was a good time and I especially enjoyed to see God move and heal as the youth prayed for one another. After I had preached and ministered on the violin I had the youth pray for those who were in pain and a young man’s knee was healed. For some weeks he had been unable to bend his knee without pain and had been unable to kneel. After one of the young people prayed for him he was able to bend his knee and move it around painlessly! Praise the Lord!!!
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The following day, the retreat for which I had gone to Puerto Rico begin. Azaryah and I taught two workshops and I had the opportunity to preach the last session of the retreat. The Lord moved throughout the whole retreat and there was a wonderful freedom to worship the Lord and enjoy His Presence! During that last session there was such grace for preaching on me that I ended up preaching a lot longer than I realized. Sadly since the time flew by I did not realize that I had run out of time for an altar call. The Lord moved anyway and I know that he had His way!
Throughout the whole trip I witnessed and heard testimonies from those we ministered to that were the fulfillment of some of the things that we had been praying into for that trip. We saw hearts awakened to the Lord, bodies healed and several young people be delivered of bondage in their lives!

After the retreat, Azaryah and I ministered again at the church on Sunday morning with our instruments (Cello and Violin). The service that morning was great and we continued on to get some lunch afterward. That afternoon we went to pray for an elderly lady that had been sick. When we arrived all her children but one had met at her house to pray for her also. It turned out to be a powerful time divinely appointed by the Lord! We all worshipped the Lord together and prayed for the elderly woman. Madeline, the wife and mother of the family that hosted Azaryah and I, felt that we should also pray for the children of the elderly woman that were there with us. When we did the Holy Spirit begin to minister deeply to them! They were weeping as the Holy Spirit was coming upon them. They shared with me after the whole ministry time that the words that we had given them and all that took place was the answer to months if not years of prayer. It was a time of reconciliation and forgiveness in the family! Praise the Lord! I love divine appointment like these!
2014-06-08 16.09.49
I was invited to speak at the youth retreat for the church and so I will be flying back in the end of July! 2014 Puerto Rico Trip to be continued!

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