Look what the Lord has Done! Awaken the Dawn 2014


Outreach at a park during Awaken the Dawn

I have barely caught up on all that took place at Awaken the Dawn and here I am now writing about new experiences in God! I am currently writing about what the Lord is doing in Puerto Rico! I will give you some quick highlights from ATD and then move on to what is happening now! I was blessed with the opportunity to preach during one of the morning sessions at Awaken the Dawn! Ronnette Cooper and I shared a session Friday morning where we taught on prophecy and healing. To view the video recording of that session click here or visit http://www.awakenthedawn.net/webstream and look for the Friday morning session! There were so many testimonies of healing taking place that morning and throughout the rest of the conference. One family friend was healed of a painful digestive condition where her stomach was in pain every time she ate and after. She was healed of the pain Friday morning of the conference and from that point on did not experience the terrible pain when she would eat! Glory to God! I also had the privilege of leading a young man to the Lord who had been dabbling in the occult. I would love to share the experience in more detail some time but will say that after he gave his life to the Lord and repented of his sins (the occult, addiction, and other sins), the Lord healed him of a terrible pain that he had been experiencing on his side. I felt pain on that same side while I prayed for him and I knew that it was demonic, but the Lord delivered him and as he was overcome by the power of God on the floor he testified that all of the pain was completely gone!!!


About a hundred people went out to preach the Gospel all around the city of Fredericksburg, below are some of the testimonies of healing and salvation during that outreach!



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