God Moves Across Virginia!

ATD 2014

God is Good! His lovingkindness is everlasting! I praise God for all that He has done in my life in the past years and last couple of months! I want to catch you up on some of what the Lord has been doing and testimonies of healing!!! Also I want to let you know about Awaken the Dawn! It’s coming up! 

Awake VA Tour
In the second week of April a team from the Prayer Furnace traveled to various university campuses across Virginia preaching the Gospel and ministering to students! We also ministered to various groups: praying groups and churches. We had such a good time seeing the Lord move and use us! In UVA we were able to preach the Gospel to over a hundred students while we were doing an outreach! On the grounds of UVA we went to the amphitheater to play music and worship Jesus. Over a hundred students were gathered in the area where the music and what was shared from that stage could be heard clearly. It is amazing how the acoustics work in an amphitheater. So we took advantage of the position and were able to share the Good News!!!
2014-04-14 13.11.57
I was blessed with the opportunity to minister to a group of women in Charlottesville along with some of the ladies in our team. I was able to minister with the violin over every woman there and afterward because of lack of time preached probably one of the shortest messages I have ever preached! Praise God it was powerful!
One night as I ministered on the violin over a lady that had scoliosis, the tightness and pressure left her back! I came to find out later when someone shared with me what she had told them about her experience! God is Good!
2014-04-11 14.16.30
One of my favorite things about this Tour was how the Lord spoke to us through dreams and led us! I can think of at least 4 dreams, off the top of my head, that the Lord gave us and as we went we would see their fulfillment.
In Virginia Tech we saw well over 15 manifestations of healing in different students!!! It was amazing! One of them is a football player for Virginia Tech. After he was healed, he began to pray for many other students and God was healing them! Some of his teammates that were there that night said that they would share these testimonies with the football team there!!!
Online Giving

If you want to sow financially into the ministry that God has called me to you can click this link and write Sebastian Angulo on the Memo!!!

So many wonderful things happened! I had the opportunity to preach the Gospel at VCU in a large area with a compass on the floor that they call a “freedom of speech zone.” As I began to feel from the Lord that I should preach the Gospel someone who did not know what I was sensing asked me to stand in the very middle of the compass and play my violin. There must have been over 40 people that sat through the message and heard the Good News! God is Good! We were able to engage with many in conversation and share the Love of Jesus!
Healing Testimonies!
At the Prayer Furnace we have been praying in this season especially for the power of God to began to manifest more in healing! We began to pray for different members of our community that need healing! One person that we were praying a lot for was Sarah. She had been fighting disease for many years and some years back found out that she had lymes disease. We visited her house almost on a weekly basis to pray for her healing. She was at a point that it was hard for her to even walk. We kept going in faith and praying for her during prayer meetings. Almost a month back the Lord broke in!!! While she was praying with her husband one Monday night the power of God fell on them and she began to shout, praise and jump up and down! The doctors did not know if there was any hope and she had had a seizure that could have killed her less than a week before the breakthrough. But God had His way in her body! The next time I saw her I was shocked at how much energy she was displaying!!! She has experienced that over 80% of the symptoms have ceased since that breakthrough!!! Praise the Lord!!!
Another person in our community that had been sick and we had been praying for was scheduled for a surgery this week. When she showed up for the surgery they opened her up and the problem they were going in to fix was not there!!! The doctor was shocked and said that they had never seen something like that! The doctor said, “There must have been a lot of people praying!” God is good!
Prayer Room 2014
During our Prophecy and Healing Service in the prayer room this past Tuesday night 2 people experienced relief in their bodies that had been having a lot of tension in their necks and shoulders. One shared that they had been having a hard time breathing and that in order to relax her body she always had to take medications. But as she sat receiving prayer she began to feel the muscles throughout her body relaxing. She knew that the Holy Spirit had touched her!!! Praise the Lord!
Awaken the Dawn!
I want to invite you to come to Awaken the Dawn on May 22-25th. It is free but you have to register to come! This conference has been catalytic in the lives of many people that I know, including myself, to spark a life of Love and hunger for Jesus. Many have encountered the presence of God and been transformed. Come this year!
Also leading up to Awaken the Dawn our prayer room is open all day from Monday to Saturday! We are going 24/6 So if you want to come pray at 3am or 4am or 8pm we will be there!

2014-04-19 10.26.41

Thank you for taking the time to read this update! If you have any prayer requests or thought you would like to share with me feel free to email me at sangulo@theprayerfurnace.org. If you would like to have me come and minister at your church or group you can also contact me via the same email from above.
To the Fame of His Name!
Sebastian Angulo

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