Refreshing His Church!

An update on some of what the Lord has been doing in my life recently! Sorry that I have not updated many of you on the new things that have been going on!!! A lot has been taking place! God is moving. Already this year I have had the opportunity to preach and minister at 3 churches this year and God has brought refreshing and healing to many!

First I preached at a hispanic church in Northern Virginia! The Holy Spirit poured out during that time. One young woman felt a strong wind come over her after I had preached about the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2. It was a wonderful time!


Last weekend I had the opportunity to preach at a Russian church in Columbus, OH. It was an 8 hour drive there and afterward an 8 hour drive back but it was worth it! One young person warned me about their church that they would not clap, say amen, or really respond in any way when I preached because they normally don’t. I found them to be funny warnings but it did give me an idea of how the church normally responds to messages. I later asked a person on staff how they do altar calls to make sure that I don’t step on the way they do things and he told me that people don’t normally respond to altar calls. He told me that I could try it if I wanted to but that people would not respond. When I finally did get to preach the Lord moved powerfully! Many were encouraged by the Lord and those who were loosing hope or had none were strengthened! People clapped their hands, said “Amen!”, responded to the altar call, laughed with me! It was a fun and wonderful experience to be in the midst of God’s plans to refresh that congregation! One man had pulled his hamstring  and was in a lot of pain from it. As we prayed for him all of pain left! Praise God! It was a beautiful church and they received me with great love and hospitality! I will copy some links to the bottom of this update so that you can view the message I preached at the church on youtube!

This past weekend was amazing! Many were ministered to prophetically through words and music! A church entered afresh into expressions of love and adoration for our Lord Jesus! Some that had never danced before the Lord danced before the Lord, there was a sense of freedom to Love the Lord without restraint! The Lord is Good!!! Many were healed, we have counted that somewhere around 75 people were healed of various conditions: carpel tunnel, scoliosis, fibromyalgia, and other things! One lady I prayed for felt the power of God come all over her so that she could not stand anymore. The severe tension that she felt from the top of her head down to her ankles loosed. She could feel the numbness that was on her arms sliding off and leaving out of her hands! God is Good! Another person that I prayed for had had chronic pain in his arms, legs and joints for months. After praying several times the pain was gone and he told me that he had not felt that good in months! Hallelujah!!! I was also blessed financially and a lady purchased for me an expensive wireless mic that was worth over 300 dollars so that I can be empowered in other congregations to minister prophetically through the violin over people with out being tied on stage to a cable! God is so good to me and to His children!!!

Ministering on Violin in Smithfield

Praise the Lord!!!

Links to the message at the Russian Church out of Philippians 4 are below. The message is called “Overcoming Despair”

Knowing God (Excerpt from before I actually started the message :] )

Overcoming Despair

Pt. 1 Rejoice in the Lord

Pt. 2 Gentle Spirit

Pt. 3 Prayer and Thanksgiving

Pt. 4 Finally brethren… Whatever is pure…

Pt. 5 Ministry time on Violin 1

Pt. 6 Ministry time on Violin 2.


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