The Lord is moving in Turkey!!!


I am presently in Antalya, Turkey! A city through which the Apostle Paul traveled! This is a more westernized city in Turkey and is a place where many people go on vacation: to drink, party, see some sights and swim in the Mediterranean beaches.

The Turkish people are very friendly and open to conversation! As long as I start a conversation people are willing and delighted to engage in it. Sometimes the language barrier prevents us from continuing in a conversation, I will then say to them “gule gule” which is a way to say goodbye or another appropriate phrase :) But amazingly I have been able to communicate the things that I need to and sometimes even more! It has been such a blessing to be able to communicate with people even just basic things in communication. I have been studying Turkish since the end of April and it has certainly payed off!

I have written a few updates via Facebook about the different power encounters that we have had on the streets!

Jamming in Turkey!!!

One of the fun experiences I have had was when my friend Peter and I were walking to the harbor, the one that Paul about 2000 years ago traveled through! On our way we passed by a man and Peter felt that we should pray for him! We found out a little later that he was actually a “fortune” teller! We engaged him in conversation in Turkish since he spoke very little English, though I also speak very little Turkish :) The Lord showed me that he had pain in his shoulder. I asked him in Turkish if he had pain in his shoulder and when he confirmed that he had significant pain in his shoulder, asked him if he wanted the pain gone! When we prayed for him all the pain completely left!!! He called his friend to come down and told him what happened. His friend needed healing in his back and so we prayed for him once and the pain decreased. After we prayed for him a second time all of the pain was gone! He knew English and asked me why we were doing that. I said to him, “Because Jesus told us to go heal the sick! He told us to go and preach the Gospel and heal the sick. This is the Gospel, Jesus came to the earth…!” I proceeded to preach the rest of the Gospel to this man!! Somehow he left before I got to invite him to surrender his life to Isa (Jesus). I tried to speak with the first man we had talked with about giving his life to Jesus but had a hard time communicating so we left.

We continued on our way. I stopped at a shop selling natural dried apricots (not like the dried apricots that we have in the states) and the guy was trying to trick me into buying more than I wanted. Finally I said to him, “If you let me pray for you I will buy these from you.” And he allowed me to pray for him! It was fun. On our way back from our venture we passed the man that was a fortune teller again and he wanted us to pray for a young man who was Muslim! He also had pain in his shoulder and when he asked who we would be praying to I said “Tanrı” which means God in Turkish, I did not want to say Allah :) I prayed for him in the name of Jesus and he was healed!!! I told him that Isa healed and then he said in a questioning way, “No, Muhammed…” So I told him again with motions to move his shoulder, and asked him again if there was any pain. When he said “Yok (no more)” I again reaffirmed that it was Jesus who healed him!!! Hallelujah!!!

…To be continued!


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