I’m Going to Turkey! (July, August and September 2013 Newsletter)


Wow!!! God has been doing amazing things! He never ceases to surprise me! Because it has been so long since I have written an update I feel overwhelmed with stories and testimonies that I would love to share but due to time and space will be unable to in this newsletter. I would however like to focus on 3 topics this newsletter: Ministering in Different Places, Going to Turkey, and Sozo Seminar!

Ministering in Different Places

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Burn Wagon

Along with the awesome experiences of the summer I have had the privilege to pour into young people that I have taken with me on these ministry ventures! After I got back from the Burn Wagon this summer, (a 3-week-long ministry road-trip from Oklahoma to Maine and back) I went to preach at a house church close to Richmond, VA. The Lord blessed me with great inspiration as I taught and people were greatly blessed by the message. Here is an excerpt of the message:

“That which is in the darkness is in the enemies camp but that which is in the Light belongs to the Lord. Our testimonies are victories of the Kingdom of Light! The difference in our stories from the times we were in darkness is that they are no longer in darkness but have come into the light. No longer are we trying to hide our deepest failures because in the light God has turned them around into His Greatest Victories”

That Sunday a man’s knee that had been in significant pain was healed! Also my mom was there and her hands had been in pain for over a year unbeknownst to me. The two young men I brought with me prayed for her and all the pain left. They also prayed for my dad’s shoulder. That night when my dad went to sleep was the first night in a long time that his arm did not fall asleep! The Lord did many other things that day!

There have been so many amazing things happening but cannot write them all now. I have posted many short video testimonies in my website, check them out! Here is the link: https://sebastianangulo.com/testimonies/2013-healing-testimonies/

I’m Going to Turkey!!!

Last Year in Turkey

Last Year in Turkey

In less than two weeks I will be flying out to Turkey! From the 6th-20th of October I will be in Turkey! I have been preparing for this trip since learning Turkish! I have learned so much and am very excited to get to use what I know and practice it! I will be going with a team from the Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace! We will be joining in and helping to run a worship and prayer meeting that will go unstopped for over 100 hours!!! I’m excited about all that the Lord will do as we are there. Last year the Lord amazed us with some amazing opportunities and experiences. I posted a video sharing about the experience you can view it here! https://sebastianangulo.com/2012/10/06/turkey-video-update/

At the moment I am actually still in need of finances for the trip and there are many on the team that also need finances. If you are interested in giving towards this trip you can do so in this link:


In the memo write “Turkey Sebas.” Or you can send checks to 6102 Rising Sun Rd. Fredericksburg VA 22407. Make checks out to “FPF” and also write in the memo “Turkey Sebas.” These will be tax-deductible donations!

Sozo Seminar!

Another exciting opportunity that I get to be a part of just before flying out to Turkey is the “SOZO: Prophecy, Healing and Deliverance Seminar”! I, along with a good friend and anointed minister Ronnette Cooper, will be teaching on the topics mentioned in the title of the seminar! Ronnette is also one of the friends with which I, along with our friend David Fritch, made contemplative prayer and worship album called “Resting in the Father’s Arms.” We are so excited and expecting great things from the Lord! Here is a description I wrote about it:

“For this reason was the Son of Man made manifest, to destroy the works of the Devil.”  I John 3:8

Come! Join us on Saturday, October 5th to learn to walk and operate in the superNATURAL power of God! Jesus was manifested on the earth to destroy the works of the devil!!! This is precisely what He has also called us to do; to destroy the works of the devil! We will take this seminar to focus on the ministry of the Holy Spirit through believers to Prophesy, to Heal, and to Set the Captives Free! This will not just be a seminar of lectures but will include practical activation into the very things we will be teaching! Expect to see: the Sick Healed, the Thoughts of God Toward His Beloved People Declared, and the Captives set Free!!! We are excited about what the Lord will do and hope to see you there!

The SOZO: Prophecy, Healing & Deliverance Seminar will be held in the Prayer Room. The address is:

 4430 Lee Hill School Dr

Fredericksburg, VA  22408

Come join us!!! You won’t regret it! J


The Lord has been doing amazing things and I know that He will continue to move! Again, I will be in Turkey from the 6th-20th of October, keep me in your prayers. Pray that God would open opportunities to preach the Gospel with power! That worshippers would be raised up in Turkey to lift up the Name of Jesus above the Islam call to prayer! And that our team would walk in a supernatural grace and unity from God! Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter! If you have any prayer requests, encouragements, testimonies, or thoughts you would like to share with me you can email me. sangulo@theprayerfurnace.org. Blessings!

To the Fame of His Name!

Sebastian Angulo

Cover Art  

Resting in the Father’s Arms

Dave Fritch, Ronnette Cooper & Sebastian Angulo


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