Summer 2013 Update

Adventures in God!!!

This summer the Lord moved powerfully in different cities that I visited with the Burn Wagon! I have not had the opportunity to put a newsletter together as I normally would so I decided to send this overview I put together in my blog of what the Lord did around the Northeast region of the United States! Many were healed, saved, refreshed!!! The Lord is Good!

Burn Wagon

The Burn Wagon North-East!!! In the past week we have come all the way from Shawnee, Oklahoma and are now in Washington D.C.!!! The Lord has been moving powerfully during this trip and has divinely ordained our steps! During our training in Oklahoma the Lord began to heal many people! Over 25 people had been healed then and since we have seen the Lord continue this pattern wherever we have gone!!!

Our first stop was in Wilmington, OH! There we worked with Wilmington House of Prayer and over 18 churches and ministries doing an outreach at a park the 15th of June! While at the park two of us walked towards the basketball court and I said that I wanted to pray for somebody with knee pain. When we got down to the court, we saw one guy playing basketball that had a knee-brace on! After he got done playing we spoke with him to ask if we could pray for him and found out that he had been in a lot of pain while he was playing. As we prayed I knew with certainty that he would be healed! He checked out his knees and had no more pain!!! For 20 or more minutes he had been in pain and the Lord healed him!!!

In Wilmington we also led worship at Dove Church and David Fritch preached an amazing message on Honor! That Sunday morning many people were healed and there was a man who’s legs were uneven that was healed as well! As our guys prayed for him the legs evened out and the pain he had in his lower back completely left!!!! God is Good!

Next we went to Chillicothe and met with and encouraged a praying group there!

We left Chillicothe and made our way down to Fredericksburg VA! On our way we stopped to get some gas in West Virginia and as we were going back to the highway the Lord re-routed our GPS so that it led us right to a church!!! We were tempted to get back on the road but knew that the Lord had clearly led us there. Courtney and I got down to see if we could pray for anyone in the church and the executive pastor of the church gathered all the staff in the sanctuary for us to pray over and prophesy! They were greatly encouraged as also we were by the Lord’s leading! The Lord had set us up! We arrived in Fredericksburg and had a healing service at the Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace the 18th of June. Many people came and over 22 people received healing in their bodies! One lady that had cancer and had been unable to walk well for over 2 years was healed and began to run in the front of the prayer room!!! People that had come in limping left walking normally. Feet pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and much more were healed!!!


Finally we came up to Washington DC! This morning and early afternoon we did an outreach at Rabaut Park in DC! As the team led worship the presence of the Lord was falling in the park and evangelism was easy! 4 different people gave their lives to Jesus and many were healed!!! And a couple of people were healed and were able to share their testimonies in front of all that were in the park!!! Praise the Lord!!! Tomorrow we go to NYC and after that to Waterville, ME! Lord Continue to move in power!!! 

On this journey across the Northeast region of the United States and then the return back to Oklahoma the Lord did wonderful things!!! From Washington DC we missed our fun day in New York City because one of our team members got sick while we were still in DC. She stayed at a hospital over night but praise God it was nothing major and was released that next morning. That put us behind schedule and we did not arrive in the NYC area until later that evening. From there we went to Waterville, ME!

In Waterville the Lord gave a message of hope through David Fritch encouraging the people to take up their dreams again. We ministered at Kingdom Life Church that Sunday morning and for their evening service I preached about what has been made available to us in Christ! That evening during the ministry time our team witnessed God moving, healing physical bodies and hearts! One lady that had scoliosis was healed and she actually felt herself growing taller and her friend next to her saw her actually growing as well! All of the pain left her back and tension on her shoulders also left! Many others were healed that evening and the Lord was glorified!

Burn Wagon CrewWe continued back down to New Jersey and there had a great time at Resting Place House of Prayer. That night many people were healed and a man that had cerebral palsy was receiving healing progressively and was able to walk and take steps without assistance!

From New Jersey we went to Boston. On our way we ran out of gas! I had forgotten to put gas in and in the rush to get out of the city did not look to see how much gas we had left. David ran to find a gas station but our iPhones directions to the 2 closest gas stations turned out not to be gas stations. A car had conveniently to us run out of power steering fluid and stopped right in front of us. The people in the car graciously gave me a ride to a gas station and back despite their circumstance and we were delayed no more than 45 minutes! Praise the Lord!

In Boston some of our scheduled plans fell through but the Lord still had His way. In the evening we participated at a worship meeting for teenagers with a ministry in Boston and there we witnessed many young people getting healed. One of the guys on our team, Jack, prayed for a young man during worship and his back was healed! From there they let us call out words of knowledge and many people were responding to the words to receive prayer. One young man had twisted his ankle earlier that day while we were playing Ultimate Frisbee. When he did I had faith that he would be healed. That night during the healing time someone prayed for him and all of the pain left his ankle! The faith of many young people was strengthened and refreshed!! God is so Good!!

The next day we went to Cambridge and visited the Harvard Campus. As we were looking around our team began to witness to people close by! That day became an evangelism explosion! Our team was eager to evangelize and heal the sick on the streets but due to much traveling we had not had as many opportunities as we would have all liked. They forgot about the fact that it was not a scheduled outreach and we encouraged them to keep their eyes open for opportunities. People were getting healed on the streets! The ground was not hard as we have supposed but people were open to receive prayer and were thankful, not every one but many! At Harvard we received a tour from Jamie Dickson who is amazingly knowledgeable about the history there, it’s Christian roots and progression into humanism. We left with faith that God wants to break in to the campus once again and release revival!

That same day we went to Salem, Massachusetts where for some years witches and people involved in diverse occultic expressions have concentrated. That city has for a long time had a dark atmosphere; the downtown area has some blatant reference to witchcraft in almost every shop and building. When we pulled into the city we would have expected the atmosphere to be heavier, but as we came in praying and worshipping Jesus singing “Jesus is the King of Salem,” a supernatural joy began to fill us. We were able to walk through the streets in Salem with confidence that Jesus desired that city and people. We were confident that he would have His way! Jamie also gave us a tour there and shared testimonies of what God has been doing. Jamie heads up an outreach there on October 31st when witches and those involved in witchcraft gather in Salem to celebrate. They preach the Gospel with power and many people have been healed and saved as a result.

After our tour in Salem we began to preach the Gospel to people on our way to the car. I got to pray for a young man whose wrist was hurt and he was instantly healed! He exclaimed, “It worked,” and all his friends with him heard his testimony! Sadly he did not want me to tell him about Jesus because he was wiccan. I encouraged him that the reason why Jesus healed him is because He loves him and I believe this was a powerful seed! David and Courtney prayed for a lady who had really bad pain in her back. As they prayed for her the rain clouds had been parting and a rainbow appeared in the sky as the sunlight came into the city. We all felt that was significant and took it as a promise about God’s desires for that city! The lady David and Courtney were praying for was completely healed and at first was so shocked that she did not even want to move!!!

Rochester, New York was our last stop before heading back to Shawnee, OK! We ministered at a house church there on Thursday night and after the message as we called out words of knowledge people were getting healed before we even had a chance to pray for them. One lady’s neck cracked into place and the pain began to lift off until it was completely gone! Many others were healed that night and refreshed by the Lord! The next day we helped and worked on a property in Rochester that the church and pastors will be using. The property itself is such a huge testimony, how the Lord gave it to them. We painted, weeded, trimmed and more! It was a blessing to serve and pour in to their vision! We did a Burn that night, extended hours of prayer and worship done in shifts, with Burn Rochester at the property we had worked on that day. One of our guys CJ wanted to stay up all night to continue the worship and prayer, so half of our team decided to do it with him and worshipped Jesus through the night!

We made our way to St. Louis the next morning! We got an incredible deal to stay at a really nice hotel in downtown St. Louis. When we woke up to go to Shawnee we saw that the city’s first gay pride parade was taking place that morning. We felt that it was a divine set up from the Lord for us to love on and minister to those participating. We split into groups and began to sharing the Gospel and praying for people. One team prayed for a guy who was a dancer and had pulled a muscles or something like that in his back. He was instantly healed and was shocked! One other person that we know of received physical healing that day. Another one of our teams took a picture with “queen” of the parade as a means to talk with him and share the Love of God. They were able to speak life and hope that are found in Christ Jesus into his life!


That night we finally made our way into Shawnee, OK and reunited with all the other Burn Wagon teams! The reunion was loud and with great joy as teams pulled in. At the prayer room in Shawnee we shared testimonies from our respective trips. As we were sharing testimonies of God’s healing power a woman in the room that had been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer was filled with faith and asked us to pray for her. The 50+ students and leaders from Burn Wagon gathered around and prayed with faith. The one sign that we saw of healing was that her lips that had been numb from a mini-stroke she had had was no longer numb!!! That was an encouraging sign to us and we are excited to hear the full report!

The Lord rocked our lives on this trip and I know that many will never be the same! God is Great! I’ll finish this out with a quote from Tannon the director of Burn Wagon. “Well 3 weeks, (3 teams,) 200+ healings and dozens of salavtions later the BurnWagon teams have left for home! America will never be the same and neither will we!”

To the Fame of His Name!

Sebastian Angulo


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