From Shawnee to Washington DC!!!


The Burn Wagon North-East!!! In the past week we have come all the way from Shawnee, Oklahoma and are now in Washington D.C.!!! The Lord has been moving powerfully during this trip and has divinely ordained our steps! During our training in Oklahoma the Lord began to heal many people! Over 25 people had been healed then and since we have seen the Lord continue this pattern wherever we have gone!!!

Our first stop was in Wilmington, OH! There we worked with Wilmington House of Prayer and over 18 churches and ministries doing an outreach at a park the 15th of June! While at the park two of us walked towards the basketball court and I said that I wanted to pray for somebody with knee pain. When we got down to the court, we saw one guy playing basketball that had a knee-brace on! After he got done playing we spoke with him to ask if we could pray for him and found out that he had been in a lot of pain while he was playing. As we prayed I knew with certainty that he would be healed! He checked out his knees and had no more pain!!! For 20 or more minutes he had been in pain and the Lord healed him!!!

In Wilmington we also led worship at Dove Church and David Fritch preached an amazing message on Honor! That Sunday morning many people were healed and there was a man who’s legs were uneven that was healed as well! As our guys prayed for him the legs evened out and the pain he had in his lower back completely left!!!! God is Good!

Next we went to Chillicothe and met with and encouraged a praying group there!

We left Chillicothe and made our way down to Fredericksburg VA! On our way we stopped to get some gas in West Virginia and as we were going back to the highway the Lord re-routed our GPS so that it led us right to a church!!! We were tempted to get back on the road but knew that the Lord had clearly led us there. Courtney and I got down to see if we could pray for anyone in the church and the executive pastor of the church gathered all the staff in the sanctuary for us to pray over and prophesy! They were greatly encouraged as also we were by the Lord’s leading! The Lord had set us up! We arrived in Fredericksburg and had a healing service at the Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace the 18th of June. Many people came and over 22 people received healing in their bodies! One lady that had cancer and had been unable to walk well for over 2 years was healed and began to run in the front of the prayer room!!! People that had come in limping left walking normally. Feet pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and much more were healed!!!

Finally we came up to Washington DC! This morning and early afternoon we did an outreach at Rabaut Park in DC! As the team led worship the presence of the Lord was falling in the park and evangelism was easy! 4 different people gave their lives to Jesus and many were healed!!! And a couple of people were healed and were able to share their testimonies in front of all that were in the park!!! Praise the Lord!!! Tomorrow we go to NYC and after that to Waterville, ME! Lord Continue to move in power!!!



One thought on “From Shawnee to Washington DC!!!

  1. Praise the Lord, Sebastian keep on the good work of faith. God will take you as far as you let him, and give HIm glory. You will go to places you had never seen. (physically and spiritually I may add) Prayers are with you and all of those precious young adult. Take the land! (Flor Yuhas)

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