Updates from the Trips this Summer!!

These are Small Updates from the Trip to Puerto Rico and Pre-Burn Wagon Preparation!


I will be flying out to Puerto Rico in a few hours to preach at a retreat for worship teams and creative arts teams from across the island!!! Lord be glorified!!! Let the incense of praise and worship rise to You Lord from Puerto Rico in Jesus Name!!!

Just landed in Puerto Rico! “The Island of the Lamb!!!” I loved to look over the island in the night and one of my favorite things about flying to Puerto Rico is the clapping and cheering whenever the plane lands on the island! Lord pour out Your Spirit in Puerto Rico in Jesus’ Name!
Everyone is up at the retreat, at least the guys since 5:40am. Sounds like a good time to get into the Word!!
On Thursday The Lord moved powerfully at the conference in Puerto Rico!!! I was taken by surprise and asked to lead a worship time with the violin! We just basically jammed and after a little while the congregation entered into worship! The Holy Spirit took over the meeting at that point!!! Thank you Lord! Continue to make your Name Great in Puerto Rico!!!!
Now flying to Oklahoma! The Lord moved powerfully and I have learned so much! New friendships and more! First leg of the summer trip is over. A little sad to leave Puerto Rico but on to what The Lord has in store!
Working with a great team of leaders in Shawnee, OK!!! We will be going to 3 regions in the US covering many states. Praying, Worshipping, and Preaching the Gospel! Jesus be Exalted!
Part of our Northeast Burn Wagon crew worshipping Jesus!
Burn Team

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