Divine Appointment! (March 2013 Newsletter)

The Lord moved Powerfully in the month of March! This past month the Lord has begun to put a new hunger in my heart and has really been making me think about His call on my life. I’ve been realizing more and more how out of touch I really am with all that He has and He is causing me to earnestly desire to be in touch with His heart: for the lost, for His people, and more. I have been realizing my need for meekness and humility more and more. He is Good! He loves to make us realize how dependent we truly are on Him. I am pressing in for breakthrough in these areas in my heart: to know Jesus more, His heart and emotions and to act in agreement with what He desires in me! Join me in this pursuit to be more and more like Christ!!! In this newsletter I will share about: Divine Appointments! The Tour! and Supernatural Ministry Class Pt. 2!

Worship and ministry during the Ministry Set! :)

Divine Appointments!

One of the Amazing experiences that I had in the month of March took place after leaving my favorite fast food, Chipotle! I had just recently bought a new iPhone. I put the phone on the roof of my car as I was putting the leftovers in my car and then I left to head over to the Burn Service at the Prayer Furnace Events Center. On my way I realized that I did not have the iPhone and then was struck with the fact that I had left it on the roof of my car when I left Chipotle!!! I was glad that I had an Otter Box to protect it and hoped that it had not fallen into the road. I pulled into Steak and Shake hoping to see that the phone was still on the roof!! I pulled into a parking spot next to a jeep, came out of my car and when I looked there was my cell phone still on the roof!! I had been praying since I found out that it was on the roof and rejoiced loudly when I saw it there; laughing, thanking God and thinking “This will make a fun story.” As I was pulling out, a young guy in the driver’s seat of the jeep asked called to get my attention and I when I noticed him I stopped the car and rolled down the window to hear what He had to say. I did not realize that there was anyone in the jeep and also realized how funny I would have looked to those guys in the jeep as I talked with God whom they could not see and laughed when I got the iPhone from my roof. He asked me if I had been driving with my phone on the car and I affirmed that I had with a rejoicing that it had not fallen off.

I began driving away but realized that this was a divine appointment and that I had an opportunity to speak to them and share the Gospel. I parked somewhere and walked over to them. I introduced myself to them and began talking. At one point I received a word of knowledge for the neck area that God wanted to heal! I asked the two guys in the driver and passenger seats if they needed healing in their neck and one of them did. As we prayed briefly the guy we were praying for felt heat in his neck and all of the pain and discomfort left!!! He looked at his friends and I with a smile of surprise on his face and testified that it had left and assured us that he wasn’t kidding but that all of the pain had left!!! I proceeded to ask them if they knew Jesus and then on to preach the Gospel! As I was preaching the Gospel more of their friends pulled in to the parking spot next to them. They caught their friends up on what the Lord had done so far and I finished preaching the Gospel. The guy that had been healed decided not to give his life to the Lord then. I explained further that giving his life to the Lord would be the best decision of his life not only for eternity but even here on earth. I explained that he would experience freedom. As the Lord led me I began to tell him that he would no longer need to take pills or medicines to go to sleep and that God would deliver him from nightmares! His friends then said to him, “Don’t you have trouble sleeping!?” We all knew that God was clearly speaking!!! The others, who were already believers, felt the need and desire to surrender their lives to the Lord in a greater way! So we prayed a prayer of surrender and deeper commitment to Jesus!!! One of them came to me as I was leaving and shared that he had just been praying to the Lord and feeling drawn to pursue God more!! God is Good!!!

Sozo 2 Class

Sozo is a Greek word used in the Bible often times when we read in English “saved” or “healed” etc. It means ‘to be saved, to be healed, and to be delivered.’ The point of this class is to teach and train students in the ministry of the Holy Spirit and especially to teach them how to steward this ministry! Already the first four or five classes that we have had have been amazing! God is moving! In this class and others that I have been teaching the Lord has had me teach on topics that I myself really needed! It has been a lot of work but the fruit has been refreshing! Praise the Lord!

People receiving prayer during our Ministry Night! It’s Tuesdays 6-8pm if you are ever in the area and want to receive prayer for Healing or prophetic ministry!


I look forward to all that the Lord is doing! I will be going to Puerto Rico this summer to minister down there and then on to Oklahoma for the Burn Wagon! The Ministry Night at the Prayer Furnace has been amazing! The sweetness of the Lord has constantly been moving on us! One night a lady’s ears were healed, she was having a hard time hearing and everything sounded as though she was under water. As she was receiving prayer one ear popped open and then the other did as they prayed more and she was then able to hear clearly!! One other fun thing that happened in the month of March is that I participated with my violin in the recording of a soaking CD! There will be some instrumental tracks on the CD and it will hopefully be released at Awaken the Dawn this year!It is exciting to step into the works that God has prepared for me! (Ephesians 2:10). If you have any questions, thoughts, comments, prayer requests, etc. feel free to email me at sangulo@theprayerfurnace.org! Blessings!

 To the Fame of His Name!

Sebastian Angulo

Recording Session

Worshipping during the Recording Session


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