New Things! (January-February Newsletter)


The Lord has moved in so many amazing ways these first 2 months of 2013!!! I am 7 weeks into a class that I am teaching called “Life in His Presence”! There have been wonderful reports of encounters that students have had with the Lord as an outcome of this class. Many have been healed and touched by the Lord and in this newsletter I will highlight a few of those experiences!!! I want to focus on these topics briefly: Sunday Morning Fellowship! Jail Ministry! Sozo Department! Burn Wagon! and Teaching Classes!

Sunday Mornings

At the Prayer Furnace we have begun to gather on Sunday mornings to worship, preach the Word, and fellowship together. This has been an amazing addition to our ministry and has brought a lot of life. Many of us feel very refreshed by this service and it has added to a sense of family in our midst. Many have been blessed that were looking for a home church and the Lord has added to our family! God is Good!

Sozo Department

My responsibilities at the Prayer Furnace have shifted over the past couple of months. I have been asked to head up our ‘Sozo Department’, in other words our ‘Ministry-to-People’ Department. This includes ministry teams for our larger gatherings (Friday Night Burn Service and Sunday Mornings), outreaches to the community, and a Ministry Night. Organizing ministry teams has turned out to require more work than I expected, but things have been going great! The Tuesday Ministry Night is one event that I am really excited about! It will be from 6-8pm every Tuesday and we will take that time to pray for every individual that comes. Some may come to hear from the Lord, others for healing, others for breakthrough and we will take time to pray with every one! I’m expecting that many will receive healing and be encouraged by the Lord during that time!!! We will start this weekly meeting this Tuesday, March 5! Come and join us! Also we will be organizing a monthly outreach with quick training for all wanting to come along!!! The first one will be March 23rd! If you have any questions feel free to contact me! (

Jail Ministry

The Lord opened up an opportunity for me to go minister at a jail on February 15. I have desired to minister at a jail for some years now but nothing had really opened up. It was such a blessing to me that I have decided to go up at least once a month! At the jail I met some great men that are hungry for God. I got to play the violin and minister as I worshipped the Lord! At different points during the time of worship I had opportunities to share what the Lord was prompting me to share. One time I preached briefly on the Lordship of Jesus after Jason, one of the teammates had made a call for salvation, 8 or so of the inmates decided to give their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ! It was a powerful time and we felt the presence of the God throughout the whole meeting! Glory to God!!

Burn Wagon

Another amazing event that I will get to participate in will be the Burn Wagon this summer. The Burn Wagon is a three weeks missions ‘road’ trip where young adults go and minister in different churches and cities, holding prayer meetings, worship gatherings, evangelistic outreaches and more! I have been asked to co-lead the team that will be going to the Northeast region of the United States, Virginia to Maine. This is a very exciting opportunity, and in the past has proved to be catalytic to many churches and ministries. We believe for many to be saved, healed, set free and ignited with a fresh passion for God as we “Go”! Teams consist of young people – intercessors, musicians, artists, preachers, dancers, revivalists, and more – from the ages of 16-30 who have a burning passion to see the United States turn back to her first love and the Church rise as the victorious Bride of Christ. If you are interested or know someone that would be interested in coming check out the website by clicking on the picture below or contact me for more information!

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 8.04.47 AM

Teaching Classes 

As I have mentioned in previous newsletters I am teaching different classes at the Prayer Furnace! This semester I have the opportunity to teach a class, Life in His Presence, that I have written the textbook for and also have prepared the curriculum for the class. The class meets on Wednesday evenings from 6-8pm. This has been a fun experience and the Lord has really breathed on it! I also have had to prepare another class that I will be co-teaching with Ronnette Cooper. That class will meet twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday from 9-11am and will begin March 26! This past week I had the opportunity to teach the interns about healing! They were powerful sessions! The first class I had 14 pages of notes of which I only covered the first two points of the first page of the notes in 2 hours. A couple of the interns received healing as they prayed for one another! During the second session I covered most of the notes and demonstrated some helpful step-by-step tools when praying for the sick. I asked for one of the students who had pain in their body to come to the front. A young man came to the front because he had pain in his lower back. As I taught the interns through it I had 2 of the interns pray for the young man and the pain completely left his lower back!!! Glory to God! Their excitement was wonderful and one of the students that evening prayed for his dad and God healed him! Hallelujah!!!


The Lord is doing wonderful things in our day and I am so grateful to be a part of it! He uses the willing, and strengthens them by His Spirit! Praise the Lord for His Goodness!! Praise the Lord for He is Faithful! Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter! If you have any prayer requests, testimonies, encouragements, or questions about any of the events I’ve mentioned, feel free to share them with me! You can email me at I pray that the Lord, in Jesus Name, encourages you who read this newsletter!

To the Fame of His Name,

Sebastian Angulo


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