Learning to Enjoy God’s Presence!

At the Prayer Furnace this semester I am teaching a class called “Life in His Presence”! I will abbreviate this class, LIHP. The class has been going amazing and the Lord has been moving powerfully. Already there have been testimonies coming from students of encounters that they have had with the Lord from what we have talked about in the class or from times that we have prayed for different ones. I plan on making many of the sessions of this class available here, releasing a new one each week! I’m excited about this and invite any of you who would like, to take advantage of this class as you find time.

This first session is the introduction for the course! The title of the message is “Why Glory?” explaining some reasons and motivations that we are given be the Scriptures to pursue the Presence of God!!!

To listen download first, to download click “Why Glory?”

or copy and paste this link below to your internet browser address bar:



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