It’s a New Year (December 2012 Newsletter)

IMG_0005_2Praise the Lord!!! He is Faithful and has led us through 2012 into 2013. Praise God that He always leads us in triumph. He orchestrated so many wonderful experiences for me last year: using me to disciple leaders and interns with the Burn Internship, opening doors to preach at different churches throughout the year, eventually calling me out of working with the internship so that I would be able to preach at more churches. Great is His Faithfulness! I did not have to ask to preach at churches but was continually asked to do so by pastors and leaders! So faithful was the Lord to do what He promised that I even started getting exhausted because of the many opportunities. I ended the year in a mandatory season of rest prescribed for me by the Lord. I shared about this season or rest on my last Newsletter “Learning to Rest.” God is Good! There is so much to share but in this newsletter I will cover these two topics: December, and The Coming Season!


During the month of December God opened many amazing doors! Doors were opening to teach the Internship classes and more sessions within a class that I was teaching on supernatural ministry with Ronnette. I must have taught over 12 different 2-hour sessions between the two classes. It was so much fun! Also I was asked to teach a breakout session for the SOZO Conference at the Prayer Furnace on December 8. That was an unexpected surprise and kiss from the Lord! God is Good! During the Christmas season I visited my family and old friends. I got to see my nieces and nephews before the moved to Texas. They are so cute! One of my friends was healed as I shared testimonies about healing, I wrote a blog about it called “Healed by a Testimony.” Overall the month of December was a great end to the year 2012 and I welcomed the New Year worshipping and dancing to the Lord with friends to Jewish-Messianic songs!

With the Nephews!

This Next Season!!!

I am very excited about this year! Already I was invited to preach at a church in Maryland and did so this past Sunday, the 6th of January. The Lord moved powerfully and touched the service with His sweet Presence. Also I’m excited about this first semester of classes at the Prayer Furnace! I will be teaching two different classes at our school of ministry. One will be “Life in His Presence” which I will be teaching on Wednesday nights 6-8pm at the Prayer Furnace starting January 23rd until May 8th! “Life in His Presence” is a class that will teach believers to enter into the Presence of the Lord and encourage them to stay there! I will share about the riches in God’s Glory and our responsibility to give Him Glory!!! The other class I will be co-teaching it along with Ronnette Cooper, it is called “Supernatural Ministry Pt. 2” which we will teach Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9-11am starting on March 19th until May 9th! The purpose of the class is to teach future leaders to live lives of deeper holiness and wholeness as well as to teach them how to lead groups into walking in the power of God. If you would like to register for either or both of these classes you can do so by clicking Here!

Winter Marked Teen Conference!

I have also been asked to teach a breakout session for the Marked Teen Conference in Fredericksburg on January 19th! It is a free conference and anyone can come you will just need to register online.


Thank you for taking the time to read to this newsletter, I appreciate your interest in what the Lord is doing in my life! I believe this will be a year where God will move in power. Let’s prepare our hearts and remain humble before Him! It will be increasingly more important to stay close to Him in the coming years. He is Good and He is able to Keep us! Feel free to email me any comments, prayer requests, encouragement, testimonies, etc. at Blessings!

To the Fame of His Name,

Sebastian Angulo


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