Healed by a Testimony

photoThis Christmas season I was visiting some friends in Woodbridge Virginia that I had not seen for some some time; some I had not seen for some years! As I shared some stories and testimonies of what the Lord had been doing in my life I shared some testimonies of healing also. One of my friends, Greg, then asked me if I would pray for his shoulder that he had hurt playing football. Before I prayed for him I asked him to check out his shoulder to see what the pain was like. He moved it around and then had surprised look on his face. He kept moving it and moving it for some time but could not find the pain that had been there previously. I did not even get to pray for him and the Lord healed him!!! Glory to God! I am grateful that Jesus came as a man, healed many, preached Good News, Died for our sins! Rose From the Grave! And is seated at the right hand of the Father, still healing Today!!! He is God, He is Good!

I will be working now on a newsletter to debrief this exciting year in ministry! You won’t want to miss it.Come back an read it! :)



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