The Lord Opens Doors!

Sozo Conference

This past week at the Prayer Furnace we hosted our 4th annual SOZO Conference. We invited leaders who have experienced different expressions of the moving of the Holy Spirit. John and Carol Arnott who teach a lot about the Father Heart of God and carry the Joy of the Lord wherever they go. Don Potter who sings and plays music with excellence and prophetic unction. And Corey Russell who exhorts the church about the urgency of the hour that we are living in and carries the Fire of God with him. These leaders and fathers in the faith came and poured out what the Lord entrusted them with for us and many were blessed. People that had long term health problems and chronic pain were healed as God moved through these vessels. Corey preached on Saturday night and the Lord really ministered to my heart and convicted me through the message, leaving me in tears weeping before the Lord for what seemed to be an hour. I would try to stand up and when I would the Spirit would again descend on me and I would begin to cry as the Holy Spirit moved upon my heart. The Lord was giving me a greater hunger to know Him. It was a powerful conference!

One of my long-time desires has been to have the opportunity to teach one of the workshops at a conference in the Prayer Furnace. I had never really asked anyone if I could but just waited for an invitation. The day before the conference would start, some things had changed in the schedule and David Bradshaw asked me if I could to teach a breakout session. The request caught me by surprise but I immediately accepted the opportunity. I just had to send a title to the session with a brief description about it. And so I did. It was like a kiss from heaven; the Lord opened a door! I knew that the Lord was responding to that desire in my heart; I couldn’t shake the gratitude that I felt, not that I wanted to shake it, but I was continually thanking the Lord! I called that session, “Life in His Presence!”

Finally the day for the breakout session came. Because there was still preaching going over time at a main session and my breakout session would be in another building some distance from the main location of the conference, I expected to be the only one there for the first 15 minutes. I was wrong and had over 8 people there before the session was supposed to start. I was therefore able to start on time. Throughout the session people trickled in so that there were no seats left and people had to sit on the floor. The room I was using normally fits 40 people but we were overcrowding it. The whole experience was a kiss from the Lord and I am so grateful for it! I could feel Him there throughout the class and many were touched by His Presence. God is Good!!!

Here is a link to download the recording from that breakout session – Life in His Presence or you can copy and paste You will need to open it with itunes, also for the first 3-4 minutes of the recording I have not started the session yet :)


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