Learning to Rest (October and November Newsletter!)

The Lord is Good!!! He continues to move mightily and to use me even in my weakness, literally. He is strong and He loves to manifest His strength in us! Glory to God!!! I have learned some important lessons from the Lord this past month and a half. In this newsletter I will be focusing on 3 topics: Ministry, Sabbath, and “Life in His Presence.”


Since this past July the Lord has been moving powerfully and sending me to preach at different churches. He had already been sending me to speak at different churches but this past season has been marked by God’s sending like other seasons of ministry have not been. This has been such an enjoyable experience because preaching and teaching are among my favorite activities. I especially enjoy it when I am unexpectedly asked to teach or preach within a couple of hours or even minutes of the request and I have to completely rely on the Holy Spirit. Over the past 7-8 years I have been actively seeking the Lord and reading His Word. Preaching and teaching are an outlet to what the Lord has been pouring into me. Each time I speak is a new experience and the Lord reveals new things to me. Many times I am refreshed by the revelation and understanding that I receive from the Lord about the Scriptures while I am speaking.

In my excitement and enjoyment of ministry I found that throughout most of the past 4 months I actually was not getting time off to rest and was running from one thing to another all 7 days of the week. Finally the tare and ware of ministry on my body started to catch up to me and I began to loose some of the excitement and sometimes desire just to sit and rest.

Despite my tiredness the Lord continued to move and gave me a significant highlight of the past four months of continual preaching at Bridges of Love’s service. That was a powerful service and I enjoyed every second of it. Two weeks prior I found it hard to express excitement for the service though I knew it was in me. I then began to realize that I was getting worn out. The Lord continued to augment His anointing and I have sensed it more and more. But my body was growing weary. Opportunities to preach outside of the Prayer Furnace stopped after that last service so that I have not known when the next invitation would come. Recently, after I had finished teaching a 2-hour class at the Prayer Furnace, and as I was running to the prayer room because I was late to lead prayer for those next 2 hours I was asked to teach the interns a class. I was given the freedom to teach on whatever I desired but it would be an hour and a half after I was done leading prayer. I of course complied and thought to myself even though I was a little tired, “How can I resist?”

A Day of Rest

In view of everything that I have shared the Lord began to speak to me that I needed a Sabbath. I felt a little bad about taking a Sabbath and did not really know how to do it with my schedule. At the Prayer Furnace we have a lot of activities on Saturdays and sometimes on Sundays. Those are also the days that I get most opportunities to speak at other churches; something the Lord has clearly called me to in this season. Finally I landed on taking Thursdays as a day of rest. I probably will go pray at the prayer room on Thursdays but will not commit to any service activities. I thought one week after I had finally rested well and regained a lot of energy that maybe I didn’t really need a Sabbath. The Lord corrected me and told me still that I need it. I am excited for this dedicated day of rest and it will begin on Thanksgiving! Thank you Jesus for a Sabbath! I was talking to my roommate’s dad recently and he said about a day of rest something like this, “The Lord gives us a day when we can rest and He even blesses it, why not take advantage of it?” I realize that in order for me to continue doing what the Lord has called me to do, a day of rest is not just a good idea but it is essential.

My First Book!!

Lastly I want to share with you that I am moving towards having my first book, “Life in His Presence,” published by the spring of 2013. I began to write the book in April of 2011 and finished writing it April of this year but finally I have a team that is helping me to edit it and get it ready for publishing. I am pretty excited about this and know that it is an assignment from the Lord that will be completed soon! I have also begun working on another book. I’ll share more about that one on a future date!


God is Good and He always leads us in triumph!!! Teaching us, pruning us, growing us, and more! He is a good Leader! Keep me in your prayers; that the Lord would continue to open doors, give me rest, and also for the book that I will be publishing soon! Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter. If you would like to know more about the miracles that happened at the Bridge’s of Love service click, The Fire of God Falls! Prayer requests, comments, questions, encouragements, etc. are always welcome and you can send them to sangulo@theprayerfurnace.org. Blessings!

To the Fame of His Name,

Sebastian Angulo


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