The Fire of God Falls!!!

The Fire of God Falls!!!

The service this past Saturday night at Bridges of Love International was Amazing!!! The Lord had His way at the end of praise and worship and it was hard to transition to the message so we continued praising and worshipping for a while! That was great! During the worship one of the singers was healed! Her knee popped back so that it was no longer bent at an angle and she was able to straighten her leg. For 19 years she had not been able to straighten her leg after a metal rod was put in it because of a car accident. She couldn’t figure out what was going on with her leg until I began to speak about healing and she realized that God had healed her!!! The message was good! I preached on the Fire of God and the Joy that is in His Presence; that as we lay our lives down at His altar He fills us with Joy and Peace. God has called us to be Holy and full of Joy. Holiness is that is not full of Joy is not real Holiness. I did the altar call a little differently than I have normally done it. I called for healing, salvation, and for response to the message one call after the other like I have done before but this time I waited till everyone was up at the altar before I began to pray for individuals. When I made the third altar call for those who wanted to give Jesus 100% of their lives rather than a percentage of their lives, most of the room responded to the call. Before I even began to pray for individuals God was visibly touching many of them. Some were weeping, others were shaking a little; the Fire of God was Falling! One young man came to me afterward and told me that he had never experienced the Holy Spirit but that night had felt a cold fire all over his body and though he was trying to contain himself could not stop shaking because the Holy Spirit was touching him so strongly! He let me know that his back had been healed of pain from the sciatic nerve and that he was having a hard time walking because of the Presence of God still on him. At that moment the Lord showed me that one of his legs was shorter than the other. I asked him to take a seat, picked up his legs from the floor and compared their lengths. I had a young guy come and confirm that there was a difference in length between the two legs. He informed us that his legs had been out different lengths since he was ten because of a car accident. Though the right leg was shorter I began to command, “Left leg grow and align!” Nothing was happening. Then I realized that I was naming the wrong leg, so I then commanded, “Right leg, grow out, stretch, in Jesus’ Name!” He actually felt his leg stretching! He admitted that when I called the Word of Knowledge for the back, although his friends urged him to respond he did not until I released the Word of Knowledge about the sciatic nerve, he realized then the Lord was specifically calling him. Two other people that I asked had experienced healing in their backs also! One of them was a friend of mine that came with me and he told me that his back had actually been having tightness for some weeks. God is Good!


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