Showers of Blessing (September Newsletter)

Showers of Blessing

September Newsletter

Where do I start? The Lord is Good! So much has happened over the past month and a half. The Lord has rained down many blessings and opportunities to bring Glory to His Name in different places! In this newsletter I will focus on 3 main topics; Turkey and Traveling, Miracles at my Sister’s Wedding, and The Lord’s Provision!

Traveling and Turkey

One of the Apostle Paul's stops in his journeys!

Earlier in the month of September I was invited to be a part of the team from the Prayer Furnace that would go to Turkey. I accepted the invitation and within 3 weeks all of the funds that I needed to go to Turkey came in. The trip was very strategic to position us as a ministry for future ministry trips to Turkey. Brothers and sisters in the Lord were encouraged and we were able to minister to Muslim people as well. God is Good!!

When I landed back in Virginia from Turkey I continued running in ministry. That Friday I taught a class in the morning and the Holy Spirit showed Himself powerfully! The following Sunday I went to minister with the violin at a church in Brandywine, Maryland and the Lord provided the opportunity for me to preach. It was a blessed time. While I played the violin a lady’s shoulder was healed and at the end of the service I prayed for a lady’s ears. She began to experience heat on her head, then her ears, and then her ears began popping. It was awesome to see God moving as clearly as He was in that moment.

My Sister’s Wedding

I landed in the States from Turkey on October 3rdand had 9 days to practice and clean up the music I would be playing for the ceremony at my sister’s wedding. I had been practicing the music for a month or two but now I had to have it right. Praise the Lord I got it all; although I did not play it flawlessly at my sister’s wedding it turned out good!

The Lord did some fun things at the rehearsal dinner and the actual wedding. I prayed for one of my mom’s friends who has been a real support and encouragement to me in the things of the Lord. She had what she described to be like a wart in the bottom of her foot that had grown inwardly inside the skin. It caused her great pain and her leg would sometimes throb because of the pain. I have prayed for her on many occasions and the Lord has healed her. For this situation she considered going to the hospital because it was so unbearable but remembered I would be at the wedding and decided we should pray first and let God be glorified. As we did pray she reacted to something that she felt and later explained to me that she had felt the wart-like thing be punctured. In the moment of it being punctured she felt a lot of pain but the pain stopped significantly. So I asked her to see if she had pain when she put pressure on it. She put pressure on the foot and immediately was shocked and rejoiced because all of the pain was completely gone!!!! Glory to God! We laughed with joy and she cried a little. The next day, the day of the wedding, she informed me that she had walked freely the day before without any pain but was in pain again though it was still significantly less pain than it had been before we prayed the day before. So we prayed again and immediately all of the pain was gone!!! Again we rejoiced and gave glory to God! That night I also prayed for several people that experienced the power of God at the reception! God is Good! When I finally returned to Fredericksburg, I went to lead our Prayer Furnace family outreach. We prayed for the director of the children’s ministry at the Prayer Furnace before we left to do the outreach and witnessed her leg growing or moving to its right place before our eyes! It was amazing and her back felt so much better after that miracle!!!

Showers of Blessing

Finally I want to give glory to God for His wonderful provision in my life. Before I left for Turkey I had begun preparing to buy a better computer in which I could record music and more. I also wanted to get an iPhone to use the camera and recording capabilities to help me document testimonies and experiences in the Lord. When the trip became an option for me, I feared that I would have to use the little money I had for the trip’s expenses. But the Lord supplied abundantly for the trip, and the week before I left provided finances not connected with the funds coming in for the Turkey trip that gave me the first chunk I needed for these things. When I returned from Turkey the Lord also provided some more money that I was not expecting, at least not the size in which came! Now I have been able to purchase the new laptop, a good microphone for recording and the iPhone is still a work in progress! Just trying to figure out the whole family plan thing so I’m not paying more than $60 a month for a phone :) I love that the Lord showed Himself Faithful to me in this area, when I thought that I would not be able to get what I needed so that I could go minister in Turkey the Lord poured out blessings! He is Good!


The Lord is Faithful! And the past month has been an adventure! This Saturday, the 20th of October I will be preaching at Frontline, a service held by Bridges of Love to encourage young people to serve Jesus in the nations!!! If you get this in time pray that the Lord will move mightily and mark many with His Purposes! Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter. I hope you were blessed and encouraged by it. On my website I will post some of the message that I spoke the 7th of October, so if you get this newsletter via email it will be on the link (Showers of Blessing) in my website at

Feel free to forward this newsletter to a friend if you would like. Feel free to email me at, prayer requests, comments, encouragements, etc. are always welcome! Blessings!

To the Fame of His Name,

Sebastian Angulo


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