August Newsletter!!! (Announcing Trip to Turkey!!)

Yet another wonderful month because of the workings of the Lord! The month of August has been a very exciting month as the Lord has been launching me into many different places for ministry! As I mentioned in the previous newsletter which covered the first part of this month; the 4th of August I ministered to a group in Maryland with the violin and had the opportunity to preach the Gospel. The next I also had the opportunity to share and preach some at a church I love in Washington DC called Abundant Love Christian Fellowship. That Sunday at ALCF a couple of people were healed, it was great! Afterward as I spoke with some leaders there we decided to do an outreach at Oglethorpe St. the next week, I was able to preach the Gospel through a microphone to many in the community who were listening, 2 were saved and many of those we ministered to were healed physically and were able to share their healing testimony through the microphone with those from the community who were listening!!! The Lord also led me to go to California in the end of August! Though we were not able to find housing or transportation before the trip, my friend Kenny and I believed the Lord for provision in the trip because He had called us to go. He provided more than enough providing housing, transportation, connecting me with key people for future ministry, and He even gave me the opportunity to play the violin at the Call Aviva; a 12 hour-long prayer meeting that was broadcast live on television throughout many nations in the world! A friend of mine in Italy posted this picture (left) on my Facebook! I have put the stories and testimonies of many of these events on my website, I’d encourage you to check them out if you have time!

These were all exciting experiences and the Lord moved powerfully in them all. Many were physically healed and many were saved! Now in September there is yet another opportunity that the Lord has opened up for me!! I will be going to Turkey really soon actually; from September 23rd – October 3rd. The purpose of this trip will be for the first week to minister to leaders in Turkey and to make connections for future trips. The second week we will be ministering in a more conservative Muslim city in Turkey to some fellow laborers and their community of new believers composed primarily of people who are deaf. We, a team of 4 leaders from the Prayer Furnace (of which I am the youngest), are believing God for miraculous healings in that community to the Glory of the Name of Jesus! This is a wonderful opportunity and I need the prayers and financial help of friends and family. This trip costs around $1300 and I still need of about $1000. This is not impossible with God and I know that He will provide! Will you partner with me financially in taking the Truth of God’s Word and the Comfort of His Spirit to the saved and the unsaved in Turkey? You can make checks payable to FPF (Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace) for a tax deduction Memo: “Turkey Sebas” or make checks to my name, Sebastian Angulo, if you rather. Send checks to 6504 Deerskin Dr. Fredericksburg, VA 22407.

Please email me at if you would like to give so that I can keep track of how much money is coming in for the trip. I ask for your prayers that the Lord Jesus would be glorified in Turkey, that the team would have clarity and peace before, during and after the trip, and that many would be touched and healed by the Power of God! Comments, encouragements, questions, etc. are always welcome, simply reply to this email! Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter!

To the Fame of His Name,

Sebastian Angulo


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