Pt. 3 My Last Day in California!

The faith journey to California was coming to a close and still the Lord had some divine appointments! After a great night sleep, Monday morning, Conrado took me to meet with Pastor Netz after his daily 6-8am prayer set at the house of prayer. Pastor Netz and I went to eat some breakfast. Ladies from his church that had been at his 6-8am prayer set were getting breakfast at the same restaurant and decided to pay for our meal also! As we talked over breakfast Pastor Netz and I connected real well. Afterward we went to his house and I spoke with his wife also and a pastor from Florida. Being at their house of prayer I knew that they are called to have 24/7 prayer and I had a burden for them to have full-time staff. At the pastor’s house I saw that the house number was 20407, immediately I felt that was a confirmation of what I sensed to be God’s calling for them. If you remove the zero’s it is 24/7. Pastor Netz invited me to spend more time with them but I had already committed to spend time with the worship team at a BBQ. I felt that it was important for me to connect with young adults from the church also so I found a ride to pick me up from a Starbucks close to the pastor’s house. Because my ride, Steve, had a breakfast planned with his dad he dropped me off at another Starbucks close to where he was going and there I would check my email and Facebook. At the Starbucks many youth surrounded the outside area where I was with their bikes as they talked and waited for a big bike race, or something like that, to start. I asked one youth if he had pain in his feet and was able to pray for his feet after he confirmed that he would get pain there. He actually felt tingling in his feet after the prayer. I asked another young guy what his name was and if he had pain in his shoulder. His name was Solomon and I also was able to pray for him. He felt something he could not describe and after I asked him if he knew Jesus loved him he replied, “Now I do.” That was a powerful encounter. Finally I asked one last youth his name and if he had pain in his upper back. His name was Carlos and he told me that he had pain between his shoulder blades. After I prayed for his upper back all of the pain was gone and he had a look of shock on his face. He said, “This is eye-opening, all the pain is gone, I feel like my whole world has brightened up!” I asked him if he knew Jesus and went to church. To both questions he responded “No.” I asked him if he wanted to give his life to Jesus. To this invitation he immediately said “Yes.” He repeated in prayer with me giving his life to Jesus!!! I got his email address and will hopefully get a response from him! Steve picked me up from the Starbucks and we made our way to the BBQ.

On the way I asked Steve if he would be willing to give me a ride to the airport and he responded, “I would love to.” Though I was not concerned know that God would provide a ride to the airport it was good to know who would be taking me since I had to make my way down to the airport a couple of hours from then. At the BBQ I enjoyed great fellowship with the worship team and others from that church that were at the BBQ. Steve gave me a ride to the airport after the BBQ and I flew at 10pm to Washington DC and landed in DC at 5am. That morning I slept on a memory foam bed at my parents house and was strengthened for the rest of the day J. God is Good! If you have read this far…that was my trip… Praise the Lord!



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