Pt. 2 My Trip to California!

Friday morning the Lord said to me, “Take your stuff, you will not be staying here again.” I was caught off guard by this command from the Lord but did not have time to argue and figure out if that was really Him, so I quickly grabbed all of my stuff. That day I went to a sound check for the Call and that night to a meeting for the worship teams after which I would attend a worship service. At the meeting I reconnected with an acquaintance, Joshua, whom I knew from a tour that took place in the summer of 2007; it was called “God’s Summer of Love Tour.” Over 250 people, mostly young adults participated on this tour that went around the US worshipping and praying in various cities. I thought about the possibility of staying with him that night but did not ask him thinking that it might just be me trying to find a place. I thought to myself ‘the Lord will provide I should not try to make it happen.’ At the meeting I had also wanted to connect with a house of prayer leader from Mexico but was unable to immediately. I went to the worship service after that meeting. During the time of worship I was at the front dancing, jumping and rejoicing in the goodness of Jesus. At one point everyone was asked to return to their seats. When I returned to my seat the Lord had set up a divine appointment. Benjamin, the house of prayer leader from Mexico I had wanted to connect with, was sitting in the seat next to mine. We were then able to connect and talk a little bit. After the worship service I thought again to ask Joshua if I could stay at his house. I did not and instead went out of the sanctuary and was speaking to some friends. I told them of my situation, how the Lord had told me to take my stuff with me that morning to stay somewhere else. I told them that it would be great if somebody came up and told us that they lived near to the church the Call Aviva would be held at. Shortly after I said that Joshua came and started talking with us, he mentioned that in the morning he and his wife would walk to the Call because it was walking distance from their home. As he said this I looked at the friend I had been talking to who was also looking back at me in amazement. That night I ended up staying with Joshua! J The next morning, Saturday the day of the Call Aviva, I walked to the Call.

The Call Aviva was Amazing! I played the violin and worshipped the Lord. After the long day, that night I stayed with a newfound friend Johnny who had played the drums at the Call Aviva. We went to the church that organized Aviva early in the morning to play music during the first worship service, I was asked to play the violin and I gladly accepted. After worship Benjamin, the house of prayer leader from Mexico I mentioned earlier, was preaching. His message was so powerful. He was teaching on meekness. Though his words were gentle they were cutting my heart. I had to go with Johnny because we would be leading worship at his parents’ church and I left Benjamin’s message early but my heart had been struck by God’s word. I shared a little with Johnny who had not been in there for the message since he had to eat breakfast quickly. After I shared with Johnny I began to cry before the Lord. It was a powerful experience. After leading worship at Johnny’s church we returned to Houses of Light for their third service and though we arrived around 7 minutes late the worship leader motioned for us to come on stage and join them, so I took my violin and joined in. Cindy Jacobs preached that morning and she prophesied over Pastor Netz and his wife, his church, and many individuals. It was great! I wanted to connect with the pastor but many were speaking to him after the service, but as I was finally leaving we got to talk and decided to meet the next day and have breakfast together. From there that Sunday, Conrado and Elvia took me out to eat and then picked up some friends from Fredericksburg, Christina and Mikaela, who had also attended the Call Aviva, and we all went to the beach. When we got out of the car we realized it was a little chili and the sun had just set. Because of that I did not put my swimming trunks on and we all walked across the sand to the water. The water was actually nice and the girls jumped in. I didn’t have my swim trunks and was not going to jump in. Elvia encouraged me that I should simply jump in with my jeans; that I did. I jumped around and laughed in the water as though I was a little kid! We later changed into dry clothes, dropped the girls of at their hotels and I slept my last night in California. I stayed at Conrado and Elvia’s guest room on the most comfortable bed of the whole trip and had the fullest sleep of the whole trip. God is Good! There is yet another day left in my trip of which I will post on the last part of the story telling about my meeting with Pastor Netz, the youth who were healed at Starbucks, and how I got to the airport…To be continued…


3 thoughts on “Pt. 2 My Trip to California!

  1. Hola Sebastián! Me alegra tanto poder saber de ti y lo que Dios ha estado haciendo a través de ti. Que bueno que tienes este lugar donde puedes escribir todas esas maravillosas experiencias con el Señor! Acá los extrañamos y recordamos con mucho cariño las hermosas experiencias que tuvimos con los jóvenes y esperamos volver a verlos prontito a Jonathan y a ti. Dios les bendiga mucho!!!

    • Hola Heidy, Gloria a Dios! Es bueno escuchar de ti y perdona que no te aya respondido mas temprano. Deseo regresar a Puerto Rico y ser usado por el Señor mas. Los extraño a ustedes y espero regresar pronto! Alomejor este próximo año :)

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