My Trip to California!

Traveling by faith can be a very exciting adventure! It was for me last week when I flew with my friend Kenny from Washington DC to Los Angeles not knowing who would pick us up or where we would be staying that night. I had peace knowing that God was going to provide all of these things. I flew out there for a little less than a week primarily to attend the Call Aviva. It is a 12-hour-long prayer meeting where a couple thousand people would gather to pray. This event was aired live on GodTV, a big Christian TV network that reaches many nations. When we landed in LA we traveled to Pasadena via metro for only $5. The trip did take a couple of hours across LA from LAX Metro Station to Lake Station in Pasadena.














On the way we were able to pray for three people who received healing in their bodies! One lady was healed of spinal bifida. She was able to pick up my heavy violin case without any pain, something she would not have been able to do before. God is Good! When we got to Pasadena we went to the Pasadena International House of Prayer. In Pasadena I sent a friend a text asking him if he was in LA hoping he would be able to help me find housing. He replied telling me that he was not in LA and asking if I had talked with a guy named Chris. I asked him who Chris was and he responded that Chris was the person who was supposed to help find me housing. It was a surprise to hear that someone that I did not even know was going to help me find a place to stay that night and for my time in California. What a blessing! I was given Chris’ phone number and when I called him he suggested I meet him at a church in North Ridge, Houses of Light, he would be preaching at that same night. After speaking with Chris over the phone a lady came out of the prayer room and I asked her how far North Ridge was from Pasadena. She looked it up in her phone and told us it was about an hour away, she then offered to take us there though it was out of her way! When we arrived I met with Chris and we stayed with him at his friend Brian’s apartment. Brian was one of the people helping to organize the Call. He pulled out his guitar and began playing it so I also played my violin with him. The next day, Thursday, we went to the house of prayer in North Ridge which was located next to and was a part of the church, Houses of Light. Kenny and I were there most of the day and did not know how we would get to a Pre-Call rally that would be taking place that night. I asked Chris via text if he would be able to give us a ride there but he had certain things to do before going to the rally and would not be able to give us a ride. There was a couple leading prayer in the prayer room whom I knew would give us a ride. After they finished their prayer set I met them, Conrado and Elvia, and they gave us a ride and attended the Pre-Call rally also! Brian and Chris were surprised that we were able to find a ride there. That night we had dinner with Lou and a group of young people that were working with him for the Call Aviva. That night we stayed with Chris again and in the morning, Friday, Chris told me to give Brian a call on the phone and I called him. Brian had spoken with the pastor of Houses of Light, Pastor Netz, and told him about my violin. Pastor Netz leads Aviva the ministry that was partnering with the Call. They wanted me to play with their worship team at the Call! That was an exciting opportunity which at the moment did not really surprise me; somehow it was as though I had been expecting it. Then we got ready to go, we had cleaned the house that morning and as we were about to walk out of the door to go to Pasadena the Lord said to me, “Take your stuff, you will not be staying here again” …To be continued…


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