Miracles at Oglethorpe Street



God moves in unusual ways. The 12th of August I visited a church in Washington DC and was able to share some of the things that the Lord has been doing in my life as well as some words from the Lord. I wrote about this in an earlier post. That Sunday after the service I spoke with the pastors of the church and some of their members about their desire to do something for children at a neighborhood and their inability to do so because of lack of staff. We decided within minutes to do a children’s outreach at Oglethorpe St in Washington DC the next week and I signed up to help. With our last minute planning we had 3 ministries working together (Abundant Love Christian Fellowship and Bridges of Love) and the Lord brought the people.

We begin by jamming with the violin, cello, guitar and congas! The music was being amplified and many came to listen. Neighbors sat outside of their homes to listen and remained outside even when the Gospel was preached! We played musical chairs and limbo with the kids and gave them lots of prizes! Some testimonies were shared and a story that some of the children acted out. Afterward I preached the Gospel as best I could with all the distractions and trying to get some specific people’s attention J Two little girls gave their lives to Jesus! And before the outreach was over a man rededicated his life to the Lord! After I had preached the Gospel I shared a few testimonies of healing that I have witnessed, gave some words of knowledge about where some people needed healing and invited others up as well. Five people initially responded and all of them were completely healed within minutes! Arthritis was healed, a lady’s knee that had been swollen stopped being swollen and stopped hurting completely, back pains were healed and a man’s arm! Glory to God! Others came up and they were also touched by God! One of the neighbors that had been sitting outside her home asked us to come over to pray for her foot. After we prayed a lot of the swelling went down and she was able to wiggle her toes! I then spoke to her mom that God wanted to use her hands. She stopped me to tell me that she plays the tambourine every Sunday at church but because her wrist had started hurting she was wondering if she should stop. After we prayed for her wrist, she was shocked and had tears of joy because all the pain was gone! God is Good!


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