He Does not Cease to Surprise me!

Preaching at churches I have not been formally invited to preach at has become a normal occurrence the last number of weekends. Either on my way to the church or during worship the Lord will speak to my heart and give me a message for the church I visit that Sunday, or He will simply let me know that I will be speaking. Each time He does this the microphone ends up in my hands and I find myself preaching! On my way to visit a church that I really love in Washington DC today, the Lord let me know that I would be speaking though I did not know the message yet. Though I arrived late at the church the pastors asked me to share something with the church. The Lord laid on me a message about holding on to God’s promises, which He Himself has not let go of. It was a message of Hope from the Lord’s heart. God is Good! During the service various people were healed who stood up to receive ministry for healing. A lady’s back and knee were healed and another lady’s shoulder. God is Powerful!!! Since I am writing testimonies of healing, I’ll mention 2 that happened this past Friday. At the Prayer Furnace we had a conference for teens this past weekend and God moved powerfully the whole time. On Friday night as we prayed for the sick I prayed for a girl who had scoliosis, she felt burning in her back and the pain that had been previously there left! Her friend next to her had pain in her knees and she also felt burning as we prayed and all the pain was gone! Praise the Lord!!!

These are some of the surprises the Lord has blessed me with in the past three days


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