June and July Newsletter

What a great blessing it has been to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in the past 2 months. These have been a time of change and transition. The Lord begin speaking to my heart, and confirming it through friends and leaders, that this is a season of transition. The Lord is leading me in a new direction that does not involve direct leadership over the Burn Internship as it had the past year and a half. He is clearly calling me to minister at different churches and preach the Gospel everywhere I go. In the past month already I have been blessed to lead 23 different people to the Lord. Praise Jesus! In this newsletter I will cover 2 topics: How the Lord is Leading, Where He is Leading!

How the Lord Has Led Me

In the previous months the Lord began to speak to me about His desire to launch me out to preach and minister at different churches. He began first by speaking to my heart in the spring, “Go, lay hands on the sick and I will be glorified through mighty deeds and power.” I became excited as I ealized that the Lord was speaking these words to me again in a fresh way. A month or two later a great woman of God said to me, “Sebastian, you need to preach at more churches!” I processed that word for a couple of days and the next week she told me the same thing. At that point I felt the Holy Spirit come upon me and I began to shake a little. This experience shocked me and made my eyes water a little. I realized more how serious the Lord was about this assignment. From this point on I continued to receive confirming words and experiences that for the sake of space in this newsletter I will not write. Finally the Lord let me know that He wanted me to step down from Burn leadership in order to do what He desired. This was a hard decision for many reasons, two of them being that I really enjoy working with Burn and that I did not know how I would tell the director that one of her major helpers would no longer be working with her. I was very excited about what the Lord was saying and did not want to miss anything the Lord was doing. I definitely did not want to miss it because of disobedience, I expressed all of this to the Lord and said, “I really don’t want to disobey but I can’t tell this to the director.” The Lord was merciful and one day as I sat speaking with the director of the Burn Internship she said to me, “Sebastian, I felt to ask you. Do you want me to release you from Burn responsibilities?” At this point everything became so clear and the Lord worked the rest of the story out so that someone was able to take my position in Burn Leadership that is qualified to do it! God is Good!!

Where He is Leading

Since the Lord began to speak these things to me He has opened doors for me to preach at various places. I was invited to speak at a youth retreat and there I spoke 7 times on different subjects as the Holy Spirit would lead. One of the youth there when he gave his life to the Lord was immediately healed of a back problem that he had had for 5 years since he had fallen flat on his back while playing soccer. He felt a hand touch 3 spots on his back. All of the pain and discomfort left completely and he later gave me a call to reconfirm that none of the pain had returned! The Lord also led me spontaneously to preach at a church service at Fredericksburg Full Gospel Fellowship one Sunday evening. He gave me a Word to preach during worship. I said to the Lord, well it will be easier for me if the pastor invites me up. After worship the pastor opened up a time for testimonies and said “We’ll start with Sebastian, Sebastian why don’t you come up here.” I was glad to see how the Lord had set me up and after I shared some testimonies I asked the pastor if I could share what the Lord had placed on my heart. That was a wonderful time. I also was invited to play the violin at a small tent revival. I went, knowing that the Lord would have me preach also and I preached twice. It was a very powerful service and they have asked me to come again! Recently I met with some friends of mine from Nepal and one of them burned his legs on three spots while we were cooking. I prayed with him sometime later and all the pain left completely after having prayed two times. After that I preached the Gospel and he gave his life to Jesus!!! I have also been asked to preach at a service sometime in September and will be speaking at a youth group August 25 and at Fredericksburg Full Gospel Assembly on Sunday, August 26th at the 10:30am service. As I took the step of faith, no longer to work with the internship, I did not know many of these places that the Lord would open for me to preach. On Friday the 10th of August I will be leading Prophetic Ministry at a youth conference for the Prayer Furnace and will preach the Gospel to youth after the ministry time. He is Faithful to do as He says He will do! Pray with me for these scheduled meetings, that the Lord would save the lost, heal the sick, and draw His people closer to Himself.



The Lord is Faithful! He has done many wonderful things, many of which I have not shared in this newsletter. I’d encourage you to look through some of my blog entries where I update testimonies and things that the Lord has done www.sebastianangulo.com. Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter and to invest this time into what God is doing in my life. You can email me prayer requests, encouragements, etc. at sangulo@theprayerfurnace.org. Blessings!

To the Fame of His Name

Sebastian Angulo


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