The Past Few Weeks

The Lord has continued to move in the past few weeks. Very significant things have happened for this coming season that I will give greater detail to in the upcoming June/July Newsletter. The Lord has begun leading me in a new direction and it is very exciting. My assignment this season in the Prayer Furnace is going to be a little different than the previous year and a half, but I am looking forward to what God will do. In the past couple of weeks at the Prayer Furnace we have begun to experience a rising hunger in our hearts for the move of the Holy Spirit; not being satisfied with living another day without more of His presence. So we have begun to cry out and to express our hunger, positioning ourselves to receive from God. The Lord has spoken to me a lot about evangelism as I have mentioned in previous posts and I have been blessed to lead 23 different people to the Lord in the month of July! What a glorious privilege and confirmation of what the Lord has been speaking to me about! Again, I’ll express in greater detail some of the changes in my assignment and some of the victories in the past two months. Blessings


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