Adventures with God!

My friend Adam, whom I mentioned in the last post, and I went to a neighborhood in Fredericksburg to preach the Gospel and to see what doors the Lord would open up. The first person we walked by was a lady in her 50’s with her two grandchildren and the Lord showed me that she had something wrong with her shoulder and neck area. I decided to ask her about it and she responded with a little startled, “Why do you ask?” I simply explained that I had sensed she had problems there. She admitted that she did and expressed her surprise that I would know that, she had been complaining about it earlier that day. After we prayed for her and preached the Gospel, I could tell that she received it. She then tells us that we have to pray for her friend. She proceeds to pull out her cell phone and calls her friend. “Hey, I’m outside close to your house still… come out of your house… come right outside… I’m out here with two white guys and I want them to pray for you… they knew I had pain in my neck that I have been complaining about and prayed… etc..” So we walked over and met her friend. There we got to pray for her and share the testimony of what God revealed. It was a fun experience.

We had the opportunity to pray for other people that day, and as we walked through the neighborhood a young man opened the door to his house. I thought to myself, “Well that looks like an open door.” As we approached the house he shut the door and locked it. We decided to keep walking around and later I felt to go back and knock on the door. When we did the same person opened the door and we engaged him in conversation. A younger person in the house entered our conversation and soon enough all 4 people in the house were paying attention to us. We then began to preach the Gospel; communicating our need for Jesus’ death on the cross to free us from sin and to bring us near to God. Also expressing our need to repent and receive Jesus not just as Savior but as Lord. After I shared these Wonderful news I asked those in the house who would like to respond to the message and give their lives to the Lord to let me know by raising their hands. Three of the four raised their hands and prayed with me to receive Jesus as Savior and Lord. Glory to God!!!!

In the Kingdom of God, there are no limits, not even the sky is the limit. We will continue to experience the power of God in and through us, from Glory to Glory! Thousands, millions and even billions will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ! 

ImagePhotograph by Tim Hostteter


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