People Healed in Montclair

Recently I connected with a friend I knew from church some years ago. The Lord encountered him deeply in the past two years and he is passionately pursuing Jesus. On Sunday the 24th of July Adam, my friend, and I went to a lake in Montclair to talk and catch up. As we were talking we saw a young guy that was limping a little. A couple of minutes later we pressed pause on our conversation and went to talk with him. When I asked him why he was limping and if he would mind if we prayed for him, he explained that he had pain on his foot and let us pray for him. We prayed for him and the Lord touched his feet. When he moved his feet around after we prayed most of the pain had left, then Adam suggested that he walk on it. As he walked all of the pain left on both of his feet, though we had only prayed for one. He was a little freaked out by the event, and then the Lord showed me some things about his life that I shared with him which also freaked him out. I let him know that the Lord knows him and loves him. When his friends arrived I shared with them that the Lord had healed their friend. He related to them what had happened excitedly. I proceeded to ask them if they needed healing themselves. One of them told us that he had pain on his wrist, which he later informed us was a 7 from a scale of 1-10. I asked him if I could hold his wrist and after he gave me permission I prayed for him and immediately all of the pain left. I then preached the Gospel to him, that Jesus gave up His life for him to be saved and also explained that Jesus expected no less from him. At the moment he was not ready to give his life to Jesus, but let’s pray for Chris, that the Lord will not let him forget or move on from this experience he had with Jesus!


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