Signs and Wonders Children’s Camp!

Last week I enjoyed working as a counselor at the Virginia Signs and Wonders Camp, from June 19-23. It was a lot of fun! Over a hundred children were touched and encountered by the Lord. I actually was sad when it ended though it was a demanding job especially in the heat. The camp this year took place at the Prince William Forest Park. I was a co-counselor with Scott Anderson, another leader from the Prayer Furnace. We had to be with the kids every minute and hour of the day, and at night if they had to use the bathroom, we had to take them. The kids woke me up every night except one to use the restroom. I woke up one morning fully rested, glad that the kids did not wake me up that night. That morning Noah, a cute 8 year old Korean boy, apologized to Nick another child for having awakened him in the middle of the night when he was coming back from the bathroom. I was surprised by the statement and called Noah over to where I was to ask him why he had gone to the bathroom by himself at night. He explained that that night he had come to ask me and I gave him permission to go to the bathroom. I immediately began to laugh having realized that gave I him permission while still asleep. It was a funny situation and I was glad that I did not to have to get up that night.

The Lord moved powerfully in their lives and showed them that they themselves could experience God and walk in His Power. One of the kids in my group used to have nightmares and after receiving prayer after he mentioned it, he slept every night of the camp without having a single nightmare!!! During one of the services I had Nathan, one of my campers pray with me for a lady with pain in her knee because of what was diagnosed as Baker Cyst. I led him and other children in prayer for her knee and after some time in prayer and worship she was completely healed!!! It was a great blessing to work with such great staff, and to see together the power of God transforming the children’s lives.


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