May 2012 Newsletter

Hallelujah!!! The Lord is so good! The month of May was a very full month. God moved with power and I had the privilege of teaching children various times. The lost art of journaling was restored to me as a friend returned to me a journal I had lost at his house months prior. I was greatly refreshed as I read through some of the entries I had made in previous months. Awaken the Dawn was a spectacular experience as 2 to 4 thousand believers including hundreds of leaders gathered together to worship and encounter the Lord! I had the privilege of serving a bishop from Pakistan, picking him up from and later driving him to the airport; he is a humble servant of the Lord! I also had a pastor from Romania stay with me, and got to meet and help 3 Italian youth leaders that came to Awaken the Dawn before they flew back to Italy. What a blessing. In this newsletter I will focus on these three topics: Awaken the Dawn, Children’s Ministry, and Speaking Engagements.

Awaken the Dawn

Awaken the Dawn and the Call Virginia were powerful events in which the Holy Spirit moved in power. Many were touched, healed, encountered, revived, and leaders were strengthened and given courage by the Lord to continue serving Him. There was a young man that I had the opportunity to pray with who wanted to be free from homosexuality. It was a powerful time praying for him. I saw him again a week ago and he testified that since a couple of us prayed for him at the Call Virginia he had not viewed pornography, something that he had been addicted to. Glory to God! He is Deliverer! One lady I had prayed for experienced the healing power of God in her feet that had been operated days prior. God is Good! So many things happened, too many for one newsletter! Reinhard Bonnke’s messages were so powerful and there was an impartation of the Gift of Faith. If you didn’t have a chance to be there, last I heard we will be posting the messages on our website. Though I’m not sure when.

Children’s Ministry

God loves children and desires to speak to them and draw them near to Himself as much as every other age group. In the west children are often considered as second class and even a burden. Often they are raised by TV and video games and in churches are told a few stories and given games to fill their time. God has more than a baby-sitting strategy for children. He wants them to encounter Him and to know His Goodness. He has many things to show them and reveal to them. Samuel was a child when he first heard God speak to him. There were many children in the Bible that encountered God and this is still His intention today. People often think that they are not smart enough to understand the deep concepts of the Bible… But His words are Spirit and life, it is not simply a matter of intellectual understanding, it is a matter of revelation. Psalms 119:130 says “The entrance of Your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple.” If we think they are simple, then that is exactly what qualifies them to understand the Word of God. I teach children the same things I teach adults and the children get it. I can see they get it as I teach them and their parents have testified to their grasp of the Word they are taught. Glory to God! The manner in which I teach and engage them is different than how I teach adults but the point is that they are capable of much more than what we give them credit. Children don’t need professional Christian baby-sitting, they need training and equipping because God wants to use them. I have the privilege to work with the Children’s Equipping Ministry at the Prayer Furnace and taught the Children various times this past month. Each time many were getting healed. Earlier in the month of May 4 children got healed as other children prayed for them during one of our classes on Friday night. During the Awaken the Dawn conference I taught 30ish children about the access that Christ gave them to the Father through His death on the Cross, and their responsibility to give Jesus all their life as He gave them His. Praise God for what He is doing among the young ones, let’s continue to pray for a generation that will seek His Face!

Speaking Engagements

Over the past couple of months the Lord has been speaking to me about preaching at different places. He has been opening doors and especially lately I have received many prophetic words from trusted individuals on this topic. I’m waiting to see what the Lord will do and positioning myself in response to what He has been speaking to me. As I have shared in other newsletters, I have had various opportunities to speak at different churches and youth groups. Already I have had several invitations to speak this summer, which is really exciting and something that I love to do. On July 12-14th I will be speaking to youth at a retreat in Maryland. I am expecting the Lord to move in power and I ask that you keep me and this event in your prayers. Let’s believe the Lord for a powerful moving of His Spirit, that He would draw many to Himself!!!


The month of May was powerful and the Lord continues to move. He will continue to be Glorified on the Earth! Hallelujah! The Signs & Wonders Children’s Camp June 20-23rd is the next adventure on my to-do-list. Be praying for this event also, the Lord touches many children and families through these camps (Picture from Signs & Wonders Camp 2011 below). God is Good! Thanks for taking the time to read this newsletter. If you have any questions, comments, prayer requests etc. feel free to leave a comment or email me at Blessings


To the Fame of His Name,

Sebastian Angulo


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