The Call Virgina

The Call is a gathering of prayer and fasting for revival and mercy for our nation. It is a time of repentance on behalf of our own sins and the sins of our nation. Daniel in the Bible repented not just for his sins but for the sins of his people. There will be extended times of worship as well as intercession in this even. These gatherings are powerful and have been life-changing to many if not all that have participated. Many have been delivered from addictions, sin habits and diverse things in during the hours of prayer and seeking the Lord. I myself had a powerful experience with the Lord, in which the Lord supernaturally improved my ability to play the violin. I was shocked the next day after the The Call Nashville in July 7, 2007, when I picked up my violin to hear a sound that I had not been able to produce before then. Come to The Call Virginia and let’s contend for a generation to seek His Face!

To register for free go to


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