April 2012 Newsletter

April 2012 Newseletter

Loving Jesus
With Friends
Every Day

Great is the Lord, and greatly to be Praised! April was a great month in my experience. Many were healed and touched by God. I also got to preach at Victory Family Outreach Ministries in Woodbridge VA. The 21 days of prayer and fasting began and things have been happening in the Spirit. At the Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace we are praying all day and all night, seven days a week, for these 21 days of fasting. This has been such a fruitful experience and there is still a little over a week left. Well in this newsletter I will briefly inform you of what happened in the month of April and update you on what will be going on in the month of May. I will focus on: Healing, Preaching at VFOM, and 21 Days and Beyond.


In the month of April many were healed by the Lord. Friends of mine prayed for a deaf person and they began to hear. People’s joints, bones, shoulders, etc. were getting healed in services on the tour I participated in. I’ve posted some of the healings that I witnessed this month on my blog, sebastianangulo.com. This time I’ll share two testimonies of healings that I saw the Lord work towards the end of April. The 21st of April, on my way home from a friend’s wedding, with other friends in my car I saw my cell phone that was facing down dimly light up. When I looked at the phone I saw that I had just missed a call from my mom with whom I had been speaking with earlier in the day. I called my voicemail to see what she had left and though I could not understand the message very well I knew she wasn’t feeling well. I then received a text that better explained the situation. She was experiencing really strong pain in her chest and heart area. Being very alarmed I calmly asked before praying for her one-by-one if my brother, sister, or dad were home. None of them were, and I was at least an hour from home with friends that needed rides to their homes. It was then that I began to pray for her with no other option except that she would be healed. I prayed with a greater demand for healing than I can remember ever praying with. Sometimes I get a gift of faith when praying for the sick, this time there was no other option. She had to be healed. After having prayed for like 2 minutes I asked her how she was feeling. She informed me that the pain had decreased when I commanded it to decrease, yet it had returned to the same level of pain. I prayed again and commanded the pain to leave. This I did one or two more times, with less pain remaining each time until all that remained was the fading fear from the initial scare and no pain at all. We found out through research that the pain was probably connected to the acid reflux she had been experiencing rather than a heart attack. Nevertheless I had quite an experience that night and the Lord was glorified. He is Faithful and he healed my mom that night. Glory to God! Some days later I went to a Verizon store to ask them about some money they owed me :). A lady sat next to me and the Lord showed me that she had some pain in her lower back and specifically something wrong with her tailbone. She got up and walked somewhere in the store, and as I continued to wait to be attended she came back and sat down. After we talked for a little bit I asked her if she had pain in her lower and if I could pray for her. She let me pray for her. I prayed for her lower back and her tailbone. When I finished praying for her she immediately asked how I knew about her tailbone, stating that only her doctors and mom knew about it. I told her God revealed it to me and she was really blessed; soon after I was attended. God’s timing is perfect. Glory to God!

Preaching at VFOM

On the 29th of April I had the opportunity to preach at a church in Woodbridge, VA. It was a powerful time and the Lord was faithful to fill my mouth with His Word. I had pondered and prayed about the message for some weeks and though I knew what it was I didn’t feel right about using the notes I had written. I have preached many times without notes (most times actually) but I was a little troubled about actually having notes and feeling like I shouldn’t use those. I knew I could trust the Lord in this because He has always come through for me. The message was, “Live For Eternity.” I posted an article on the subject on my blog. It was powerful and many were greatly blessed by it. Praise God! I also was able to get a recording of the message and hope to put some of it online.

21 Days and Beyond

As I’ve shared we have been in a 21 day season of focused prayer and fasting here in Fredericksburg, for revival and awakening in Virginia and the nation. This time has been a real blessing and I am glad that we will begin to pray around the clock in the fall of this year when we start our Stand By Night internship at the Prayer Furnace. Coming up are the African American Life Rumble, Awaken the Dawn, and the Call Virginia, starting on May 22 and ending on May 27. If you have not registered already and desire to attend, register as soon as you can since as of right now seating is limited at the venue and already about 2000 people have registered. The conference was extended to Sunday the 27th of May and Reinhard Boonke will be preaching again that Sunday morning. You can register for Awaken the Dawn for free at www.awakenthedawn.net and for the Call Virginia for free at www.thecall.com/virginia


God is Good! He is Worthy of Praise all the time. We might as well start now because this is what His people will be doing for all of eternity. We will be praising Him. Continue to lift me up in your prayers in the Name of Jesus. Pray that God will open doors for His Word to be released in and through my life. If you have any prayer requests or comments feel free to email me at sangulo@theprayerfurnace.org. Blessings

To the Fame of His Name,

Sebastian Angulo


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