The LORD Heals

The Lord continues to move in power. Here are some testimonies of the Lord’s healing power.

On Friday the 30th of March, I had the opportunity to pray for Barbara B. She had hurt her ankle three weeks back and was still swollen in great pain when she walked. That night we prayed for her ankle and the pain began to leave. By the end of the service all the pain had left and she was able to dance and worship God as the service concluded with praise! Hallelujah!

Another encouraging experience happened on April 7th. I attended a Passover Seder in Washington DC with good friends from several churches in the area. It was a great time and I felt very encouraged through it. At the end of the night a lady named Sylvia approached me and asked if I could go with her to her car where her daughter had gone because she wasn’t feeling good that night. Sylvia informed me that I had prayed for another one of her daughters some months back and the Lord had delivered her from depression! Glory to God! I felt the faith on her and so we went to the car where her daughter was. I found out there that she had a lot of pain on her shoulder and a headache. As soon as we prayed all of the pain left her shoulder and the headache also left! Praise God!

On Sunday the 8th of April a man experienced healing in his back after he went up for prayer at a church in Dumfries, Montclair Tabernacle. I had the opportunity to pray for him along with others and later saw him and asked him what had happened as we prayed. He said that he could not explain the sensation and that he did not have pain anymore. Glory to God!

On April 11th I went with a team from the Prayer Furnace to evangelize at the UMW campus. There the Lord divinely led us to meet with some believers on the campus that actually come to our services here and there. I did not recognize Stephan at first but when he greeted me I recognized him. We sat with him and his friends at a table in a dining area at Mary Washington. As we sat and talked with them the Lord gave us some encouraging words for them. The Lord showed me that one of the girls sitting with us had pain on her shoulder. When I asked her about it she was shocked and all her friends there smiled in surprise. That was fun itself. The pain she had, came on consistently and many times while she was carrying a bag. We got to pray for her for healing. She did not feel any pain then to see if there was a difference; I believe the Lord did a good work.

The Lord also showed me that the other girl got headaches frequently. When I asked her about it she also was shocked and her friends. She also did not have a headache then to tell any difference but she felt the power of God on her head as we prayed for her. God is Good!

The next night I got to go to a meeting where David Hogan would be preaching at Greenspring Chapel in Williamsburg, VA. Just before we were about to head out to the meeting, one of those coming with us fell while skateboarding and very badly hurt his ankle. He actually went into shock from the fall. We took him with us anyway since we felt it was the enemy trying to keep us and him from going. We had been praying for his healing and before the meeting started 3 ladies from the church prayed for him, I got to join them in agreement and then. Sometime after I walked away from the prayer huddle I heard excited praise and turned to see Alex jumping and walking on the foot that he had been unable to put any weight on up to that point. Glory to God!

The next day in the prayer room in Fredericksburg a girl came up to me to pray for her ankle. Many had been praying for her but she was still hurting. After we prayed she got healed and praised the Lord by rejoicing and jumping on the foot she had been unable to jump on before. Seeing the excitement faith increased in the room and another lady came over to where I was and asked me if I would also pray for her ankle. She also got healed and a guy’s tendon in the ankle area got healed too!! Praise the Lord!

Finally I was on the Awake VA Tour from the Prayer Furnace. We went to various cities in VA to pray, worship and release a message for the state of Virginia. We called the state to 21 Days of fasting and prayer from the 23rd of April to May 13th. We believe that we are in a window of God’s mercy to cry out for God’s mercy on our nation. That our nation would turn from wickedness and turn to the Beautiful One, Jesus. On this tour many were healed at the different places we went. We saw especially those with injuries in their shoulders/rotator cuffs and ankles. Also one guys teeth were straightened! God is Good!

If you have any problems in your shoulders/rotator cuffs, I believe the Lord wants to release healing right now. Put your hand on your shoulder and ask God to heal you. I believe that there is an anointing right now for healing. “Father, I ask for Your power to be revealed and manifested today in the lives of Your people and in those that do not believe. Shoulders be healed in the Name of Jesus!” Now move your shoulder and see what the Lord has done. You could also comment on this blog if you are one of those who experience the healing on your shoulder to build the faith of those who read. Praise the Lord!



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