March 2012 Newsletter

March Newsletter

Loving Jesus

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The month of March has been an interesting month. The Lord has spoken to me a lot through dreams and there have been significant breakthroughs in the past couple of weeks. I finished the last chapter of the book that I have been writing for the past year! I picked up on making a health drink called Kombucha; it’s a pro-biotic drink that takes a week of fermenting to complete. I went to 3 different weddings. I spent about 86 hours in a prayer room. This is normal being on staff at a house of prayer; I just thought it was another interesting fact of what I did last month. I finished reading a must-read book by Dick Eastman called “The Purple Pig and other Miracles” and also read a great book by K.P Yohannan called “A Revolution in World Missions.” So much has happened. In this newsletter I will cover 2 topics: Healing and the Awake Virginia Tour.

Healings in March

In the morning of Monday of March 26 I had a sense that I would be teaching the interns on healing soon. I thought about the fact that I had not looked through the notes and added to them as I normally like to do before teaching. That afternoon Ronnette asked me if I would teach the interns on healing the next day. Knowing that the Lord had prepared me for this I agreed to teach though I had not really prepared more on the subject. As I was preparing I felt that Jesus really wanted to do a work of impartation. I had a sense that I might not even use the notes and simply flow with the Spirit. On Tuesday, the first 15 minutes of the class we prayed in the Spirit and worshiped the Lord. We could feel the Presence of God in the room. I called out some words of knowledge. Rachel’s right shoulder was healed 80% and Elizabeth’s left ankle was healed as well. At the end of the class I asked the students that had any pain or sickness that they thought was not a big deal, the kind they wouldn’t raise their hands for healing ministry if it was offered, to raise their hands. I would pray for them while I prayed for an impartation for all the students. Josh’s headache left. Chelsea said a huge knot left her shoulder, and Chris’ knees were healed. Glory to God!

The past couple of months I had felt a wane in the healing anointing. When I asked the Lord about it in February, I saw waters receding from an oceanfront and I knew that it was for a massive wave; a tsunami. The day after the class the Lord spoke to me and reminded me of the word He spoke to me in the summer. “Go, lay hands on the sick, and I will be glorified through mighty deeds and power.” As He reminded me of this word I felt Him speaking it over me again. I knew then that the Lord was up to something. One of the students, Lizzie, asked me to pray for her left ankle that she had hurt the night before. I was confident that she would be healed, and she was healed immediately. Glory to God! That afternoon I sent the Burn interns to different parts of the city of Fredericksburg to share the Gospel and to pray for people. I went with a team to Bragg Hill neighborhood. There Mary and I met a lady that had various things wrong with her body. One of the things was a disease called sarcoidosis. It is an autoimmune disease that affects the lungs. Doctors have not found a cure to it and people have even died from it. In the summer when the Lord said to me, “Go, lay hands on the sick, and I will be glorified through mighty deeds and power,” Kyle and I saw two men with this disease get healed. Now the Lord once again reminds me and declares the same word over me and Mary and I prayed for the lady. She experienced an 80% improvement in her breathing and I believe had we talked longer with her we would have been there to witness the completion of the healing from sarcoidosis. The lady later realized that the significant pain she had on her legs was completely gone as well and that she was able to bend her knees. We had not specifically prayed for her legs and yet the Lord healed her!

That Thursday I went with the 7 Loaves team to reach out to those who are homeless. The previous week I had also gone out with them and prayed for a man named Ernie, that the Lord would heal his neck. He did not experience any healing that day. This time Ernie came up to us asking us to pray for him again. He had broken his neck twice and his body had been affected by that and other things. For two years he had been paralyzed from the waist down but later recovered but his neck and body remained in great pain. His Radialus, a nerve down his right arm had been damaged so that he did not have feeling in his thumb, pointer and middle fingers; also at that point he had been unable to move his pointer finger for over 10 years. I did not know all of these facts before we prayed for him, I only knew to pray for his neck, but I had faith in the Lord, because of the word that He had spoken that there was a fresh wave of healing. That though he had not been healed the week prior God was up to something this week. I believe He is always up to something good, but this week I believed He would confirm His word by healing this man. As we prayed I felt the Lord’s moving. I asked him how he was feeling. He had been greatly moved. He admitted with trembling and tears that he had felt a surge go up through his spine. He felt strong chills all over his body and held his arms. As he did so he realized that he could feel his fingers and move his pointer finger. Also he did not feel any pain in his body; for over 29 years a day had not gone by where he had been pain free, but then he was! God is Good!

Awake Virginia Tour

There is so much going on in the prayer furnace nowadays. One of the things that I will be involved in is the Awake VA Tour. This tour will be a means to mobilize prayer and intercession in various cities and college campuses across the state of VA. We will go and preach in different churches, share testimonies, and pray. As a ministry we have done tours like these in the past and they have been very fruitful. We will also be encouraging people to come to the Call Virginia where we will hold a prayer gathering for the state and the nation. This tour will be taking place from April 13-20 and after it we will begin a 21 day fast leading up to Awaken the Dawn and the Call. Some ways that you can be praying for me are for Wisdom and Revelation (Ephesians 1:17) and the Lord’s protection (Psalm 27:1). We have felt a rise in the spiritual warfare, Praise God Jesus wins!

Again I want to invite you if you have not already to register for Awaken the Dawn and the Call. They are both free events and life changing. You can register at.


The Lord has been moving powerfully and will continue to do so. “Let Your Kingdom Come and Your Will Be Done!!” The enemy also will try to do whatever he can for his time is short. I appreciate your support and interest in what God is doing in my life by reading this newsletter. Thank you all who support me financially and with your prayers, you really are a blessing to me. If you have any comments, thoughts, questions, prayer requests etc. Send them to Keep me in your prayers. Blessings

To the Fame of His Name

Sebastian Angulo


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