January/February 2012 Newsletter

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The Lord is Good!!! I have not sent a newsletter for many months, but the Lord has not stopped moving throughout this time. It is a blessing to know Him and to work for Him! I have continued to work with the Burn Internship at the Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace and am presently heading up discipleship for the guys in the internship among other responsibilities. I’ve also started a blog, preached at various churches, begun working on a book, and more. Praise God for His faithfulness, and the fruitfulness of these past few months. The purpose of this newsletter is to inform you of what has been happening in my life, as well as to inform you on how you can keep up more consistently with what God is doing in my life and what He has been speaking to me. Some topics I will cover in this newsletter are Living Situation, Blog and Book!, Ministry, Upcoming Events.

Living Situation

For the past 3 years the Lord has provided a place for me to live in, and has blessed me with amazing people to live with. Sometimes there have been many amazing people living in one house. What is different about this time is that I now rent a basement apartment with a friend and I have my own room. This has been wonderful and restful. Praise God! Having my own room makes it easier for me to get away to seek the Lord and this new place has truly become a sanctuary and a place of rest. I also live closer to the prayer room making transportation also more restful. Because I stay at the prayer furnace the majority of the day it is a significant impact for me to live closer.

Blog and Book!

I have also begun a blog. Some of you may actually be reading this from my blog. In the blog I have posted some articles on things that the Lord has been highlighting to me in the Word. I’ve also posted some testimonies of healing there. I plan on transitioning these newsletters to be primarily sent from the blog. If you enjoy these newsletters and would like to continue receiving them I’d encourage you go to the blog and click on the Follow button on the bottom right of the website. There you can put your email address to receive by email my newsletter and some weekly updates or article as I post them. If you enjoy the newsletters and would like to continue receiving updates about my life but do not want to receive the updates from my blog, simply reply to this newsletter saying that you would like to continue receiving the newsletter by email. I enjoy sending these out and intend on continuing to send these on a monthly basis this year. Here is a link to my blog www.sebastianangulo.com.

I have also been writing a book about the presence of God and His character. I started writing on a subject in April last year without realizing it would be a book and at one point I decided to continue and write a book. I’m still considering a title for it but one that I feel will suit it well is “The Father’s Glory and His Ways”. I hope to finish the book within the next 2-3 months. I’ll let you know when I have finished it!


At the prayer furnace I have switched my prayer times to the morning. Since I am no longer Core Leading for internship I can arrange my schedule more easily. I am now doing more administrative work and still taking the taking groups out to evangelize. These outreaches have continued to be fruitful.

Saved and Healed

Over a week ago, on Wednesday the 15th of February, one of our teams preached the gospel to a small group of young people. Two of them got saved and then the Lord gave us knowledge that one of the young people had pain in their lower back. The young guy that had just received Jesus acknowledged that he was the one with pain. After we prayed for him, all the pain left. As we continued speaking with them he would move his back around here and there and comment in shock that he had been healed. Praise God!

Foot that had Been Shot Heals

On the 22nd of February, while involved in an outreach. I was called by a friend to pray for a young boy who had accidently shot himself in the foot eight weeks prior to this call. His doctor was looking at amputating some toes because of the level of the injury. The team and I prayed with the lady for the young boy. When he later visited the doctor, the doctor said that the bone on his foot had somehow healed in the previous two days. After seeing the new state of his foot the doctor informed them that they did not need to amputate some of his toes. God is Good! He works miracles!

Upcoming Events

There are two significant events that will be taking place from the prayer furnace during Memorial Day Weekend in May. They are Awaken the Dawn, and The Call. Awaken the Dawn has been an annual conference in Fredericksburg since 2005. In 2005 the Lord used this conference in my life to really spark a flame of passion and desire for Him in my heart. Youth groups and young adults have come, as well as churches and families. It is relevant for all age groups. There is also children’s ministry during this conference and many children have themselves been deeply touched, I have been a witness of children being touched and transformed during this conference. One of the parents has continued to update me on what the Lord started during Awaken the Dawn last year. It is really powerful and if you have the opportunity I highly encourage you to come down. It is also a free conference.

The next event has also been a great impact to many around the nation. Lou Engle has been leading The Call events since 2000. These are days of fasting, prayer and repentance. Many have been delivered from habitual sins during these times of repentance. Call’s have normally been 12 hour long prayer meetings. I believe that the Lord is up to something in this time.


God is Good and He is worthy of Praise. Thank you for taking the time to read through this newsletter, I appreciate it. Please keep me in your prayers to the Lord Jesus. Also let me know if you need prayer for anything. My God acts on behalf of those who wait for Him, and He will act when we pray. You can email me at sangulo@theprayerfurnace.org. Encouragements, comments, prayer requests, thoughts, greetings, etc. are always welcome. I encourage you to check out the blog. Blessings

To the Fame of His Name

Sebastian Angulo


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