The Next 2 Weeks

Tomorrow morning I will be flying out to Kansas City. I’m going to a conference called “Onething” hosted by the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. That will be until New Years. After that I plan on being in the Prayer Room at IHOP for some days. I’m expecting it to be a time of rest and encountering God. Next I will be evangelizing with a friend of mine and some of the youth that he leads out there… Don’t know all the details yet but that is the plan. I’m expecting to see God move as we preach the Gospel and love people that we don’t know. At the end of this trip I will be preaching at a church out there Sunday, January 8. I’m really excited to see what happens. Lately the Lord has been sending me to preach and teach at different churches and groups, and the Lord has been performing many miracles in those different places.

God Heals 15 year-old Arthritis

Two Sundays ago I went to play the violin at a church. After the service I stuck around sensing the Lord keeping me from leaving for a greater purpose He had there. Finally I felt to go and speak with an elderly lady and the Lord Jesus told me that she had some pain in her neck in relation to arthritis. I asked her about her neck and if it was connected to arthritis and she informed me that she had pain in her neck and arthritis all over her spinal cord. After we prayed together she moved her neck and said that there was very little pain left, whereas before her neck hurt tremendously whenever she moved it. We prayed once more and all the pain was completely gone even from her spinal cord. Glory To God! She also informed me that she had had that arthritis for 15 years. God is Good!

Please Keep me in your prayers as I am about to go where the Lord is sending me. That He would open a door for the Word, for protection, and that God will accomplish His purposes for this trip.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Blessings!

Sebastian Angulo


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